Friday, September 11, 2015

Introducing Gray Rose - a colorwork hat for adults - or girls who feel a little grownup.  Like mine.

I had my first taste of Anne Hanson's gorgeous Bare Naked Wool yarns when I was researching yarns for Ommegang,  She's carefully curated a collection of beautiful fibers from regional farms and she uses small artisan mills to spin her yarns. The combinations of fiber she's come up with are unique and stunning, and a dream to knit with. Plus, her collection of neutral shades can't be beat - grays and creams and browns that really remind you of the beauty of where this stuff comes from.  I also love that when I use this yarn, I'm making sure those farms and mills and traditions continue, which is no small thing these days.  It's a topic that's becoming more and more important as time goes on, and one I'm spending more time thinking about and working towards these days.

It was those natural colors that got me going with this design.  Using a few of her gorgeous grays and adding just a spot of acid yellow took a whimsical little flower motif I'd been eyeing for a while and gave it just the right amount of sophistication.  The blooms stayed kind of fun, but no longer girly.  And when placed off kilter in rows, they also seem a little modern.

The pattern is written for Kent, a Romney/Merino blend, and you can use either the DK or Worsted weight - depending on the size you need.  There are additional notes in the document if you want to alter further for depth or width, but the smaller size will fit a 18-19"  head and the bigger one is perfect for a 20-21" head. 

And, with two skeins, you have enough yarn to knit two of them - reversing the colors and get ahead on your holiday gifts...  Or maybe right now it's the perfect back-to-school gift for the grown up girl in your house?

The pattern is for sale for $5.50 as a PDF download.  All the details are on Ravelry, and there's a link to purchase directly in the Hat Section of the blog.

And if you're thirsty?  I found this in a vintage cocktail recipe book and the name fit the hat perfectly!

Gray Rose

In a shaker, mix ice, an egg white,  the juice of a half lemon, a half tsp of sugar, 2 oz of gin and shake well.  Shake well. Pour into small wine glass and serve cold.

I think it's like a mini gin fizz :)


Julie Crawford said...

such a perfect little hat! I love the colours, the design is chic, but fun.

Meredith MC said...

Love this hat!