Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I do love hats.  They are quick, easy, and the perfect excuse to try a new yarn.  As a designer, the flexibility to play with details and shaping without sizing makes them a great break from sweaters, and I really don't think I can have too many.  Ever.  My single skein pile is pretty much earmarked for about a hundred more, and I will never worry about a bad hair day once the cool weather comes. 

Today, I have two new ones to share with you... 

I released Bywater this morning as part of the Stash and Burn September KAL.  I'm their featured designer, and we've been knitting hats all month.  So I thought it would be fun to design a hat while the KAL was happening and kind of share the process online.  Plus, it was an excuse for a naming contest.  So I posted photos as I worked, and the knitters provided conversation and cocktail ideas.

I had this beautiful skein of Nice and Knit DK in the High Tide Colorway, and it was the complex mix of blues and teal here that made me want delicate cables.  It's soft and warm and the paler teal shades almost glow against the darker ones.  It's a great yarn, and this was a nice way to check it out!

The winning cocktail came all the way from Glasgow, Scotland but it's a drink from New Orleans (go figure) featuring rum and chartreuse and it sounds pretty awesome.  A link is here.

All month, I've had special Stash and Burn discounts on different hat patterns and this one is no exception - the code SnB4 will get you 30% off until Sept 28.  It's listed for $6 regularly and the PDF can be found on Ravelry. For the rest of the details regarding the KAL, other discounts and the podcast interview Nicole did with me, check out the Stash and Burn Rav thread.  

My other new hat design is Pimm's Cup.   I discovered and became a huge fan of Victoria Magnus and her beautiful Eden Cottage Yarns earlier this year.  Both Cardamom Rose and Dubonnet were inspired and knit because of her gorgeous colors, and when she asked me to be part of a collection she was putting together for her Whitfell DK, I agreed immediately.

Pimm's Cup is a soft, feminine hat featuring a lace and cable repeat.  The Whitfell is a soft and delicate alpaca, and the distinct lines of the motif are beautiful in the fiber.

Pimm's Cup can be bought as part of the Drift Collection for 13.5 pounds sterling. She's got a digital as well as a print copy, and they are beautiful.  The rest of the Drift Collection is just gorgeous and can be found here.

That's it for now.  It always seems like everything comes to a head at once.  And since that's actually the way things are going this week, soon I'll be back with my Rhinebeck sweater -- and another hat!


Meredith MC said...

That teal hat is calling my name.