Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Thank you for such a great response to the Dobbs Ferry Rhinebeck Sweater! Both Jill and I are so happy that you liked the design and have been scooping up the Rockwell - there will be lots more at Rhinebeck, don't worry - and if Jill's shop looks a bit bare right now, know that a few of her retailers also carry Rockwell, plus a bunch was headed to Hidden River, in Philly last week and should arrive on the shelves any moment.  There's a thread in my Ravelry group with lots of color discussion and we'll be doing a KAL in November for this sweater.

Anyways, the post had gotten a little long so the other day so I'd figured I would do a separate one for the drink - especially since it's a got a short story. 

I have this great vintage cocktail book that's full of weird tales and stories behind the drinks -  it's called the Esquire Drink Book.  It's edited by Frederic Birmingham and was published in 1956.  I found it on ebay (the best place to shop for old stuff) and it's one of my favorite things, ever. 

It's full of weird bits of 1950s wisdom, phrases, and illustrations - some vaguely inappropriate and sexist, which makes them even better - plus little stories like this one behind the drinks.... 

(I'm copying verbatim from the book below -)

The Dobbs:

"In the village of Dobbs Ferry, New York - not far from where the very first cocktail in all history (that's another story - involving a rooster, a barmaid and some colonists) was served, Dick Cavellero runs a spot - Dick's Cabin - which draws people from the whole countryside for drinks and dinner, to the despair of country club managers and gaudier places.  But Dick has a special after dinner drink of his one and one with a story. 

First the story:  Seems some local satrap was afflicted by hiccups, and had them for 5 days.  He was, in fact dangerously ill.  He had put his head in a paper bag, drunk a glass of water upside down, been said BOO to, and had interviewed a platoon of psychiatrists and doctors.  But he was still all hics and cups.  DC had the answer - in a glass.   Tres simple and very delicious. Pour white crème de menthe over crushed ice in a broad flange cocktail glass until near full (by capillary action).  Then, flirt across the ice several dashes of Fernet Blanca.

You guessed it. Cured his hiccups, probably because his host chilled the glass and the drink so acutely (and so astutely) that it partially anesthetized his throat and forced him to sip slowly"

:)  I chose the drink mainly because it was a local NY town - and that goes really well with Jill's commitment to local farms, but it's a bonus to be able to use my book! 


For those of you going to Rhinebeck, you know Jill is having an Open Studio on Saturday night in Kingston, right? You can touch all the yarns and play with color combos, and I'll bet there to weigh in with all kinds of unsolicited advice.   Details are here.

And I have one more surprise for Rhinebeck up my sleeve - something in Fox Hill Farm's gorgeous Cormos....  Details on these soon!


Sue said...

that's crazy but the footrest at the bar looks just like a knitting needle!

Suze said...

Ahhhhh more hats???!!! I want to knit them ALL. Then I'd have one for probably every day of the year. And that would be just fine with me :)