Friday, October 09, 2015

I'm thinking I'll never be able to get enough of either.  You already know about my Beekman Tavern sweater, which I did for Ysolda's Rhinebeck Book a couple of years ago.  It was designed in a yarn that's perhaps one of my favorite yarns ever.  First, because it's gorgeous and squishy and simply wonderful to work with. 

But just as importantly, I love everything about Foxhill Farm Cormo because of Alice and Sue, who run the farm and create the yarn and sit in the booth when you come and see them at one of the many Fiber Festivals they travel to every year.

These guys are about the farm and the yarn -- which is made with love and commitment and time and effort.  They'll tell you sheep names and talk about the different fleeces in the flock, and how they cover their sheep (I always imagine little plaid jackets..) to protect the fiber throughout the year.  But you won't find them online and you won't see them at TNNA, and they don't have a distribution system to get their product into shops across the country.  And to me, that's the heart and soul of the Fiber Festival.  It's what makes it different than the rest of the yarny world.  It's the place to celebrate the tradition and work behind our yarns, to find things we can't get other places and to see what people still make and bring to market themselves -- as opposed to the other - oh so convenient and internet-y side of the business that we spend the rest of our lives involved in.

But I'll use a little technology to spread the word about the farm.

I decided to focus on hats - because single skein projects are the perfect way to sample something new.  And my goal with this project was to give you a reason to try this yarn if you're off to Rhinebeck next week - or any other festival later on.... 

I had one leftover skein of worsted from Beekman - so I got a skein of Aran and one of  Bulky and decided I'd design a project in each for a pre-Rhinebeck release.  Then, no matter what weight you fall in love with, you can grab a skein and knit it up.  

Above is Buck's Hat in Aran, and below is Daisy's Hat in Worsted.  Buck's Hat is named for Buck, who gives his darker fleece to create the silvery gray in the Aran wool.  Daisy's Hat was knit from my remaining skein of  the worsted, and I imagine Daisy to be a classic white sheep about half  Buck's size.  I could be wrong, but I get to say whatever I want when I name my projects.

To make this a bit more fun, I got my friend Ellen Mason involved -- because she does wonderful things and loves traditional farm yarn.  Also because I was visiting her for the weekend and had the yarn in my bag and once she started squeezing the bulky, it really just became hers.

Check out the design she created below -- the adorable Polka Knot Hat.

All three designs are available on Ravelry for $4 each.
Buck's Hat
Daisy's Hat
Polka Knot Hat
More details and photos are on each of the pattern pages.

I have a drink called a Daisy and Buck that I'll post later - because I want to share it with a friend tonight, and right now I still have a few hours of seaming ahead of me.


So if you're at Rhinebeck next weekend - or any other Fiber Festival this year, keep your eyes out for Alice and Sue and Foxhill Farm.  Get yourself a skein or two (in any weight!).  I promise you won't be sorry - but I can't guarantee you won't want a sweater's worth next year... 


Susan in Cinti said...

Another reason to miss not going to Rhinebeck this year! Have a great time, and I hope you Foxhill yarn women do well!!!
I am hooked on blue yarns and wondered about the scarf your friend Ellen is wearing inner polka dot hat photo. I'll go glance and see if she's on Ravelry and if that scarf is shown. Keep up your great designs!!!

Thea said...

Susan, that's my Aviation Scarf - it's another pattern of mine :)

Grannyannie said...

Hi, Thea, It' s Annie here wondering how I can get my hands of some of the Foxhill Cormo yarn for the Polka Dot hat you posted? That is without going to Rhinebeck? Should I contact them by phone, as is see they do not have a website? By the way, I love your beautiful Rhinebeck sweater and hat. Hope to see you in Maine sometime soon. Sorry I missed you at A Gathering of Stitches when you were here last.