Friday, October 23, 2015

Introducing my Stillhouse Vest.

I kind of  love this cable.  And I really kind of love Brooklyn Tweed's new yarn, Quarry.  So you can imagine how happy I was to have the chance to play with both before the yarn was even out in the world! 

I was working on the design in a different yarn originally, and I was happy.  Until I met my friend Bristol at the beach and she was working on something in Quarry, which I hadn't seen before.  I went home and looked at my project and decided an email was in order.  And the folks at BT were nice enough to let me buy a secret, ahead-of-time SQ.  

It had to wait until Quarry was released, and then I had Rhinebeck in the works, so the project was rush-rush and then wait-wait to publish.  But I'm home and organized (kind of) and ready to go now.
I wanted to balance the bulky yarn with a flattering silhouette, so the vest is short and the bold lines are vertical.  The shape is simple, and I think that it looks kind of perfect with skinny jeans and the sleeves and tails of a blouse underneath -
I had a little fun with the cable lines.

And the seam.

It's a quick, easy project and a great excuse to get your hands on some brand new yarn!

All the details are on Ravelry.  The PDF is available for $7.00, either there or in the pattern section of this blog.  Due to the fact that this one happened before the yarn was out in the world, I only have a couple of test knits this time, so be sure to post yours when you finish up ;) 
One was knit in Quarry, which Glenna bought the day it went live so she could finish in time - the other was done by Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts, in her Gray Label Chunky - and it's a very different look than the tweedy one I had in mind, but I kind of love it.   Both are up on Ravelry (or will be shortly), so take a look!

The name of this pattern comes from the  Van Brunt Stillhouse - a distillery I visited when I was in Brooklyn last spring.  The location and vibe of the place, plus the fact that they made some amazing spirits - in an old warehouse in a historic section of Brooklyn?  It seems pretty perfect for a Brooklyn Tweed project. 


Liz Bayne said...

Just love this pattern...the combo of chunky cables and the turtleneck in a vest is so striking! Can't wait to knit it! Thank you!

Debbie Healy said...

Love the vest and the color, especially if I don’t have to do sleeves!!