Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm knee deep in preparations for Thanksgiving, but am thinking that you may be looking for a bit of cocktail guidance?  I know I am. 

We have 19 coming this year and the guests show up tomorrow, so forgive the links!  There just isn't time for me to do a proper post with my own photos and such, but here are three ideas that I'd earmarked for possible pre-turkey cocktails.

They aren't my own, so I'm linking to the proper places:

Walnut Old Fashioned - this seemed like a cool spin on the original, with a hint of orange and a bit of nuttiness.  I kind of want to sip it by the fire after dinner....  (and walnut liqueur is not as hard as you think to find - Nocello, Nux, and a few others are usually in the specialty section at the shop)


Cranberry Champagne Cocktail - if we were a fancier family, this would seem like a good idea while people milled around before the meal.  Champagne isn't our usual Thanksgiving thing.  However,  I may save this one for a holiday party later in the season, because it's easy and festive. 


Hard Cider Sangria -  in our newly-gluten free home, hard cider has gotten a lot of love lately, and I like this spin on the classic.  It won't be too sweet - or I could even add a little regular cider if I wanted to add a bit of depth to it.


There are actually a few good ones in that slideshow on F&W, give it a look through!

Plus, there's always the easy Rhinebeck Cider Mix - hot cider on the stove, and a small pitcher of add-your-own Bourbon/Cointreau/Orange Bitters on the side.  A little orange twist in the pitcher is festive, and as I just told Maureen over at Green Mountain, I go for a ration of 4/1 on my Bourbon/Cointreau mix.  A little lemon juice comes in handy if you think it's getting sweet.  The pitcher idea is nice, so that people can adjust their intake - and the kids can have plain warm cider if they want. 


Have a great holiday and tune back in on Monday! I have a new hat pattern that's just about ready to go, but I'm afraid to put anything up today since my attention is so split between things.  Monday will be better.  I'm calling it Another Bourbon, and that gorgeous yarn is YOTH's new Father.  In Cocoa.  That adorable and patient model is my DH, who tolerated a mid-hike modeling session.  And he just may wear this Thursday while making a turkey on his Big Green Egg in the cold. (Unless it's around 60 degrees out, which is possible.)


Kirsten said...

Thanks for the drink ideas! The Walnut Old Fashioned sounds right up my alley.

Sue said...

These all sound great! Thanks for all the ideas. I love your Rhinebeck cider idea. Definitely doing that throughout the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!