Monday, December 21, 2015

That last London Calling KAL, which I did with A Playful Day back in May and June was so much fun that I have been itching for an excuse to do one more.....

I'm thinking January is a great time for a fresh start on the needles - and high time for some selfish knitting once you are done with all the holiday gifts, right?


I've begun a thread in my BabyCocktails Ravelry group and I've created a KAL discount so you can get yourself all set up with a new pattern and yarn -  with the code WWD, you can get 20% off any BabyCocktails pattern you want, until Jan 5.  (Because that's when the actual prizes will begin, and I'm going to assume you have patterns in hand by then.)

I have been stockpiling prizes and patterns for January - I have lots of yarn, some great Ravelry swag, and a few upcoming pattern releases. Depending on how many of you we have, I will expand the prize pool as needed - and be giving away copies of the new designs as well.  And I have a whole bunch of new drinks in mind!  Warm wintery ones.  I may need help naming a few of these new designs, and we'll be thinking about bourbons and rums and things in front of fires.

In order to participate, you need to be working on a BabyCocktails pattern (or two...) and post photos of your progress in the thread. Each photo is a separate entry for prizes.   And it does not matter when you cast on or how far you are - a pattern and a photo on the thread is a WIP in my book. 

So, I hope you'll plan to cast on and join in!  Happy Everything in the meantime....