Thursday, February 04, 2016


This one wasn't even planned, but once I swatched this cable in a skein of Yarn On the House's Big Sister, I went down the rabbit hole.  YOTH's beautiful blue, the squishy perfect wool, and the delicate cables made me pretty happy. I quickly wrote up a sweater idea, got a bit more yarn and cast on two weeks before Rhinebeck.

And it was so satisfying and addictive that before I'd even realized, I had finished the sweater and was able to wear it to the Festival on Sunday.  So when I say it was addictive and that I could not put it down, know that I am absolutely telling the truth!

I also kind of love that this is YOTH's Big Sister yarn, and my little sister is wearing it.

A beautifully intricate (but easier than you think) motif is the focus of the design, framed by double seed stitch and twisted cables. 

The twisted cables again define the transition from sleeve to body at the shoulders. 

And although it looks complex, Sazerac is much easier than you think – both to knit and to modify. The cables themselves are geometric and become routine quickly, plus alterations for width can be added to purl sections outside the cable repeats.  The fit is easy and a modified drop shoulder keeps it from being too boxy.  Once finished, it’s a beautiful, wearable sweater that’s sure to turn a few heads.

More images, the test knits and lots of info are up on the Ravelry page.  The pattern is available for 7.00 either there or on the sweater section of the blog.

And as for the drink, something about the flourishes in the cables, the color of the yarn and the delicacy of the design reminds me of the heyday of hotel bars and cocktail culture in the late 1800s into the period before prohibition - especially down in New Orleans.  About things fancy and delicate and a bit less ordinary than perhaps they often are these days.  Like lacy ironwork and etched glass lamps. Even the words Sazerac and Peychaud's are kind of fun and delicate.


You need  a 1/4 oz Absinthe, a sugar cube, 1.5-2oz of Rye, 3 dashes of Peychauds bitters, and a lemon peel.

Rinse the glass with the absinthe and set aside.  In extra cup of ice, mix other ingredients and then strain into rinsed glass over ice and add lemon peel.



Nilla said...

That lace work is stunning! I already added it to my favourites in ravelry :)

janna said...

Definitely going into my queue - I love it! Plus, my current favorite drink is a Sazerac, so obviously it was meant to be!

jason said...

Great work, the sweater look amazing. I love both the color and the design, you hard work has really paid off.

I also like the drink you have shared in the end.


sallydavis said...

Great share!!!
Sweater looks cool and drink also seems to be very tasty. I want to taste it once:)