Friday, February 19, 2016

Yes, we are ALL home this week.  So although I got this out in the world earlier, I didn't have time to properly blog about it until now!  But one of my daughters is off at Driver's Ed this morning and the little on is in her pajamas with a scone and some TV, so I can finally take a few moments to tell you guys about Winter Drinks, an e-book accessory collection!

This one is all about simple, satisfying knitting - featuring beautiful yarns with easily memorizable motifs - the patterns use a bit of garter, a single cable and an allover texture.  But each motif pairs really beautifully with the yarn used, and I am extremely happy with how these came out -- and with how they look together!

First is Ice Wine, a giant, reversible cowl, knit in Quince and Co's Osprey.  I'd bought 3 skeins of this yarn up in Portland Maine, while visiting friends about two years ago and always imagined it wrapped up around my neck.  There's nothing like gorgeous, soft wool in garter, and that made it the simplest, most satisfying project ever, so I went against my usual leaning to complicate things, added a few slipped stitches to create a distincte, reversible motif and whipped this one up in a day or two.

It's easily modified for length or width and can be worn long or wrapped around the neck.  And the Osprey is super soft, but has just the right amount of heft to make the cowl "stand" up a bit, which I love.  And Ice Wine is a dessert wine made from grapes actually frozen on the vine.  It's thick and sweet and we had it while up in Quebec last year -- I may have been saving this yarn special for that name ever since.

Next are my Tom and Jerry Hats (and yes, a Tom and Jerry IS a cocktail, much like eggnog).  You all know I'm in love with YOTH, and these skeins of Big Sister were beckoning.  I love these detailed little cables so much - and they were so addictive that I decided to knit a second hat after finishing the first.  The are delicate and unusual and absolutely addictive.  I may not be done with them yet, as Veronika has just sent me a little more yarn to play with.  

But for now, I've knit them in beanie form --

And a slouchy iteration --

Lastly are my Peach Whiskey Mitts.  I've really been saving this yarn for a while, but it's gorgeous and needed to be used in just the right way.  It's Fancy Tiger Crafts Heirloom Romney, a sheepy heathered yarn that's just stunning to look at.  I fell in love with this Butternut colorway - a mix of apricot and gray that's just so unusual, yet makes a gorgeous neutral.

Knit on needles one size smaller than recommended, knitting the yarn in this allover texture makes for some warm, rustic, and hard wearing mitts.  I know because I have NOT taken them off and they still look as good as the day I blocked them.  From my pockets to my bag to my hands.  And the color just makes me so happy.

The Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey that these are named for is by Leopold Bros, and in keeping with the spirit of Fancy Tiger, their products are handmade and even local to Colorado.  It's made with real peaches and even says on the bottle that you should use it within 30 days for maximum tastiness.  Which we did.

Anyways, I hope you like these!  I think I did justice to these three lovely yarns and am really happy with how the pieces came out, and with how pretty they look together.  Melissa agreed and didn't even mind posing in the cold snow.

She looks pretty cozy, doesn't she?  And in this pic, she also looks eerily like her big sister.


More photos and details can be found on the Ravelry page for all of these projects.  They are available as an e-book for $14, or as single patterns, for $5-6 each.  I will add the links to the website here, but I've run out of free time for today -- we are off to the high school now to drop off a bunch of props - including the "bar" for the school play.

If you are going to Stitches West this weekend, you can see the Tom and Jerry Hats in the YOTH booth - and squish a few skeins of Big Sister or pick a color... at the Santa Clara Convention Center!  


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