Saturday, March 12, 2016

My needles are empty, my deadline projects are shipped out, and my suitcase is slowly filling up with important things, such as drink umbrellas, a UK charger, and a trunk show's worth of knits!

I'm off to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Tuesday night, and I could not be more excited!!

If you're coming to the show, do say hi if you see me wandering around, or come visit me and my knits on Saturday between 1:15 and 2pm, when I'll be set up in Ysolda's meet and greet space.  I'll have my sweaters and some fun little drink-y free takeaway items for you to use in your cocktails later in the evening.  

I'm really excited to announce that Ysolda has taken me on as a designer in her new wholesale venture, along with Andrea Rangel, Gudrun Johnston, Laura Chau, and Bristol Ivy -- so she'll have print copies of a bunch of my designs, complete with download codes so you can also pop one in your Ravelry library.

When not meeting or greeting, I'll be perusing all the gorgeous British yarns, hoping to pet some of the things I have been hearing about but not yet seen over here in the states. So far on my list of yarns to find are Blacker Yarns, Baa Ram Ewe, Ysolda's new Blend 1 and Kate Davies' Buchanille,  I'm sure I'll be coming home with a few new favorites, some souvenirs, and a little something for the Cat's Away KAL going on in my BabyCocktails Rav group.

That big new suitcase was bought with extra room  just because, right? Plus haggis and some scotch and a tartan something.....

If you have a favorite thing that I NEED to be seeing, or a spot in Edinburgh I need to be visiting do tell me in the comments below!


Anonymous said...

Have a great time. Try to eat one Indian meal... There are some good restaurants there. And I wish I could remember the quant antique shops where I picked up a miniature coffee set. I'm sure someone will know.
You have good guides!

Kirsten said...

Can't wait to pet all of that awesome Scottish yarn. Left a bit of extra space in my suitcase as well. See you soon!

Kathryn said...

Have a blast! We spent a week in Edinburgh this summer and it was WONDERFUL -- we loved it.

MCC said...

You might need to go here:

Jan said...

Great to hear you are hooking up with some of my favourite designers and checking out British wool!


Marina Moskowitz said...

Dear Thea,

What exciting news! I am a big fan of your designs (just finished Zacapa for my husband, which he loves!) and a historian at the University of Glasgow, where we have been running a series of projects on knitting in Scotland (most recent one here: )
That said, I'm actually an American historian and hoping to eventually start something up re: Scotland/ New Englad comparisons so watch out for that!
Planning to be at EYF on Saturday, though have just succumbed to the students' gift of a flu bug, so fingers crossed I'll make it; if so I'll try to say hello in person!
Of course my advice as an honorary Glaswegian is to say you have to come over to Glasgow at some point during your trip....

Cheers, Marina

Thea said...

Oooh, Milk Bar sounds pretty awesome --

and Marina, I do hope you stop by! My eldest is a history buff hoping to go to the UK to study for college :) You may just run into her someday....

jbp said...

My computer shows the times, not the dates, of your posts, so I'm hoping that these suggestions are still within the realm of reality for you:
1) walking in Holyrood Park at
2) this restaurant at
3) either Elephants and Bagels or, depending on your level of Harry Potter fandom
4) the gardens or the glass house, depending on weather, at