Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You know how I feel about my cables, and my tweed, and any yarn with a story or some heritage attatched to it, right?  Plus the small companies that make up our little indie world?

So you know how I feel about Jameson here.  When Kate and Courtney of Kelbourne Woolens sent me a surprise skein of their new Arranmore yarn this summer, I fell hard, and immediately went about sketching and designing something, and it was one of those times when the yarn arrived and I HAD to cast on immediately and then just knit and knit until it was done.  I loved every minute of this project, and I feel good about who's behind the yarn and the care they put into creating it.

Arranmore is the perfect early fall yarn too.  It's satisfyingly rustic, but light and lofty and soft,  I want something cozy but not overwhelming as the weather changes, and this pale blue shade, paired with the silk and cashmere mixed in there makes for a lovely, delicate - but woofy - sweater.

3/4 sleeves and a deep cowl neck give it a bit of a vintage vibe, but it's also earthy and easygoing.  (If that makes sense in a sweater?)  I had a little fun with the cable tails, as I love to do -  and the panels at front and back make modifications for fit easy to add.

Instructions are included for working alternate neckline treatments if you don't want a full cowl as shown, and I've added notes on working long sleeves instead of 3/4 if you like.

The name of the pattern is also a nod to the tradition behind the yarn - Jameson may be the most popular Irish Whiskey in the world now, but it also has roots as the oldest distillery in all of Ireland, with beginnings in the 1700s.  It started as the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin. When John Jameson married Margaret Haig in 1786 and moved to town, he married into an already established whiskey family and took a job managing the popular distillery, which was owned by some of Margaret's cousins. In 1810, he and his son John bought the distillery and changed the name, creating the whiskey we know today.

The Jameson pattern is for sale here on the blog for $7, or you can go to Ravelry for all the details and to purchase it there.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 04, 2016

As we reach the dog days of August, I always want some simple knitting on a small scale, but my attention has turned towards the lovely wools of winter. So here's something small and satisfying, but definitely a nod to the upcoming season...

Anchor Steam is named for one of my favorite California beers, since it's knit in one of my favorite California yarns from A Verb For Keeping Warm.  Pioneer is Kristine Vejar's lovely, organic, CA sourced merino, which she dyes in a variety of her gorgeous colors.  It's soft and light and rustic and makes a great hat! 

Anchor Steam is a simple design, but it has one detail that I'm particularly excited about -- I love a deep ribbing but I always find that I'm folding the back of my hats down because I like a little slouch, and that back edge gets squished down weirdly.  On this hat, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I've added just a few short rows to make a custom ribbing - deeper in front and shallower in back, and with that addition, this hat needs no adjustment whatsoever. 

I also added a little colorwork to keep the knitting interesting and then kept the rest of the hat soothing - in stockinette with simple crown shaping.  It's quick and soft and satisfying.  The perfect way to start my Fall Knitting Season! 
Now I'm about to leave on a little road trip, so I had to launch this a tiny bit early --- but next week, while I am driving from college campus to college campus, Kristine will be putting together kits of Pioneer color combinations for those of you who may want to give her gorgeous yarn a shot --
I'll post a link when the yarn kits are live - here and in my Rav group and on Instagram and Facebook - and I've created a discount for you to use thru next Saturday (8/13) just in case you need an excuse to pull the trigger once you see those colors in the skeins....  The Ravelry code Pioneer will get you 25% off, making the pattern $4.50 with discount. 
All the details are here on Ravelry....  After 8/13 the pattern will be available for $6. 
Happy Almost Fall.....