Thursday, August 04, 2016

As we reach the dog days of August, I always want some simple knitting on a small scale, but my attention has turned towards the lovely wools of winter. So here's something small and satisfying, but definitely a nod to the upcoming season...

Anchor Steam is named for one of my favorite California beers, since it's knit in one of my favorite California yarns from A Verb For Keeping Warm.  Pioneer is Kristine Vejar's lovely, organic, CA sourced merino, which she dyes in a variety of her gorgeous colors.  It's soft and light and rustic and makes a great hat! 

Anchor Steam is a simple design, but it has one detail that I'm particularly excited about -- I love a deep ribbing but I always find that I'm folding the back of my hats down because I like a little slouch, and that back edge gets squished down weirdly.  On this hat, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I've added just a few short rows to make a custom ribbing - deeper in front and shallower in back, and with that addition, this hat needs no adjustment whatsoever. 

I also added a little colorwork to keep the knitting interesting and then kept the rest of the hat soothing - in stockinette with simple crown shaping.  It's quick and soft and satisfying.  The perfect way to start my Fall Knitting Season! 
Now I'm about to leave on a little road trip, so I had to launch this a tiny bit early --- but next week, while I am driving from college campus to college campus, Kristine will be putting together kits of Pioneer color combinations for those of you who may want to give her gorgeous yarn a shot --
I'll post a link when the yarn kits are live - here and in my Rav group and on Instagram and Facebook - and I've created a discount for you to use thru next Saturday (8/13) just in case you need an excuse to pull the trigger once you see those colors in the skeins....  The Ravelry code Pioneer will get you 25% off, making the pattern $4.50 with discount. 
All the details are here on Ravelry....  After 8/13 the pattern will be available for $6. 
Happy Almost Fall.....