Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Roxborough  This combination of yarn and pattern is pretty much what I knit all summer.

I started with the cardigan in my head.  I had a small pile of skeins of O-Wool in this gorgeous deep navy blue (Lake Erie), the desire to play with some Shetland lace motifs, and the need for a wear-everywhere sweater.

Some sketching and math and the knitting went fast. Before I knew it, I was binding off!  It went TOO fast. I had forgotten what stockinette and #8 needles will do for your speed, and I was seriously addicted to both the feel of this gorgeous wool and the rhythm of the lace detail.  So I decided a bit more yarn was in order.

It's never hard to pick a few more colors in Jocelyn Tunney's O-Wool, but these two shades - Pearly Mussel (soft, icy lavender) and Wood Dove (the palest of pinks) were too pretty to pass up.

The lavender was destined to be a giant, cozy shawl using the same lace and rib elements - now named the Roxborough Shawl.  The color makes it feminine, but the details are all bold and simple (which means easy knitting, right?).  Diagonal lines, the same Shetland lace, and a deep garter edge play off that pale color for a shawl I know I'll be wearing everywhere. But again, it was super quick to knit - especially on #9 needles, so I was glad to have a few more skeins in reserve.

With those two remaining skeins, I figured I could manage a Hat and Mitts. I decided it was time to play a little more with the ribbing on these.  Both at the crown shaping of the hat and at the brim, the lines are the star, and in the lovely pale yarn, they pop pretty nicely.  But the knitting is still easy and straightforward - and the soft warm yarn will keep me so cozy come Winter...

I still worked in a little of the lace, as I wasn't entirely finished with my obsession.

Jocelyn's O-Wool comes in a ton of gorgeous colors and is available on her website here -- unfortunately she JUST got picked for Jury Duty yesterday, so be patient with her if you email with anything specific.  She's quite unhappy to be trapped out of the studio all day and will send off your yarn or a reply each night as soon as she's out of the courtroom :(    Trial just ended!  She's out and ready to send you yarn!

The pattern collection is named for the Roxborough neighborhood in Philadelphia. O-wool is based in Philadelphia and has ties to both the Kensington and Germantown neighborhoods where the original textile indsutry was in the 1800s.   Roxborough is where many of those mill owners lived, and invested in the community to create the schools and parks that exist today.  Roxborough is also rumored to be named for Roxburghshire, Scotland - where Andrew Robeson, one of the very first settlers of the area, was from.  Given O-Wool's committment to textile history in Philadelphia and the use of the Shetland bead lace from Scotland, this seemed like the perfect name, right?

However there was no Roxborough cocktail, so we came up with our own Roxborough Cocktail last night:

.1 oz Scotch Whiskey
.5 oz absinthe
.5 dry curaco
dash of orange bittters

Shake in jigger with ice and strain into small cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange peel.  Drink while it's still cold and frothy!


As for the patterns, all the info is here on Ravelry - they are available in an e-book as the Roxborough Collection for $16, or as individual (hat and mitts are combined) PDFs for $7 each.  (I'll add them to the blog pattern pages soon, but for now they are available for purchase on Ravelry!)

And if you do cast on, don't forget to join our KAL in my Ravelry group.....  (there may even be an ebook discount code in the KAL thread....)


Christine said...

What a lovely collection. These are definitely going in my queue.

NoNo said...

Love these! They are on my "must have" list!! My maiden name is Rosbrugh - my ancestors are from Roxburghshire. This was such a happy surprise!!