Thursday, November 24, 2016

Just a short note as I pause between stuffings and table setting and yelling at my kids who are supposed to be cleaning the bathroom but are instead arguing about whose turn it is to do the shower vs. toilet.
After screaming at them,  I walked away to cool down and - as always - I find myself here with you guys.
Thank you so much for being here, for supporting my business and for allowing me to do what I do. In the past, I’ve just felt lucky to be creative, meet amazing women, have an excuse for all the drinking and the knitting, and bundle all that into a job that brings a little cash into the house. This frivolous little career has made me incredibly happy, justified the yarn purchases, allowed me to travel, and brought so many of you into my lives.
But this year, it has even more weight, and even before November it seemed less frivolous.

I’ve been able to connect with people around the world this year and I've thought so much about our industry, my responsibility as someone with a voice, and what I should be doing with that.

Also, I always knew that my yarny endeavors were helping, but this year I realized that this career is the thing that allows me to send my girl (assuming she cleans the damn toilet) to whatever college she wants. Which was huge and empowering and made me really proud and happy and so appreciative of what Ravelry and this community has allowed me to do.
Recently, Ravelry and BabyCocktails and all of you have been a much needed distraction, giving my fears and frustrations a much needed outlet.
I know it’s a business and you aren’t supposed to get political, but the PMs and emails and conversations I’ve had with you guys both publicly and privately give me hope that so many of us are good people at a time when my belief in that as a given has grown kind of shaky. Thank you.
And as you all know, this job allowed magpiefibers and me to channel some of that worry into a cause that helps at risk young girls get to college.  I just spoke to Dami and between both yarn and pattern sales, we made $3,000!
So I’m really, really thankful to send $600 off to Women of Tomorrow from all of us. With a note and some yarn and some needles and a pattern. Maybe we can create a knitter while we are at it?
I wish you all safe, happy holidays this weekend, and remember -- just keep knitting if the conversation gets tough.
Thank You. Much Love.


P. Joan Gavigan said...

OMG that is wonderful!#Hillaryactuallywon

P. Joan Gavigan said...
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Caroline aka FiberTribe said...

Thank YOU for caring, for designing beautiful things and generally being a great 'voice' in the knitting world. And frankly, FUCK staying silent, eh? Hugs, you.

Kucki68 said...

Wow, that is great, that so many of us could help you send a nice check! Thanks to you and Dani for doing this!

Glenna said...

❤️❤️❤️ Love the peek into your space and the donation is fantastic! (Boo to frogging, but too often a necessity!)

skeindalous said...

I umnderstand the angst involved in To Frog or Not To Frog..I am making a Christmas sweater on #4 needles. Decided it really needed to be brought back 5". OR could I live with the glitch? Decided to frog and ma glad I did. Almost always the better choice!