Thursday, December 01, 2016

This morning has been a details morning.  I have paperwork that needed to be filed, emails that needed to be organized, a few edits to check, a printer that won't connect to the computer, and a bunch of lists needed to be made - so of course, I got a little distracted and started taking photos of things in the room, and when I looked at the pics, I thought they'd make a good excuse for a blog post.

Nothing especially knitworthy, nothing especially new, just kind of taking stock of what's here and playing with the settings that I never really understand on this camera, as one does. Plus, some of these made me smile, so hey.  Enjoy!

The pile of books above my computer - cocktails, spelling, grammar, and fun facts.

A wall of future possibilities. Swatches old and new that keep surviving the periodic purges. That big lace one was almost Bailey's Irish Cream.

On top of my bookshelf is a combination of things - antique bottles, tiki themed things (including one that walked home with me years ago from an awesome bar in SF called the Caribbean Zone), one last Halloween sippy cup from Rhinebeck, a stray pom pom, pens, and yarn about to be knit. In the bookshelf is my circular needle storage container, a variety of stitch dictionaries and the Small Business Bible, which I really should pay more attention to. Pinned to that board above the shelf are an assortment of cards and info on wonderful yarn people.

My bags.  These have become my everywhere totes. I like the confused look non-knitters get when they read them and don't understand.

More future things. That glowing gray is a gorgeous Sawkill Farm wool, and I have no idea what it wants to be but it really wants to be on my needles soon.

This pic makes me smile - hidden between all the swatches on my board are magazine pages, cocktail name ideas, and recipes. But the swatch on the left and the penguin pin came from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival last year, which was a really amazing event. Both Anna Maltz of the penguin pin and Victoria of that blue Eden Cottage Yarn swatch are lovely people who I got to hug in person while I was there, so this is an unintentional piece of the UK on my wall.

Below is my favorite trash-picked chair and my old barrister's book case in which All The yarn lives. I have  no idea why that 7M is scrawled on there.  This corner always get the sun in the mornings and it's where my eyes go when I'm at the computer and need to trail off in thought (or lack thereof). The chair is usually overrun with knits, old and new, depending on what I've been knitting, what I've been wearing, and what needs to go back upstairs - it's actually unusual that an arm would be free like you see here.

Below is the best part of today's to do list. I added an extra $50, for a total donation of $350.  And although I could have donated online, I really wanted to write an old school check,  (notice how I've artfully hidden all the info on it for a photo though...)

These boxes below represent the rest of the to do list, some of which is thankfully a few weeks away. (phew)

Next, I have a sweater that I need to make a decision on -- either frog back 5" of the body to fix an error or decide to live with it.  I have been slowly coming to the realization as I typed this entry that frogging is in my future.

So - see you, people.  I hope you enjoyed a pointless, non-release blog post for a change.  It's been a long time.  xo


Suze said...

This was nice. I feel like all the blogs I read now just have posts when there is all kinds of productivity. Mine, too. I go silent when I don't have an FO because it feels like so much work these days to pull my thoughts together to write something I'm not sure anyone will read just for the the heck of it. But I'm glad you did! And I enjoyed it. (susan, aka madtownmama)

Kephren Pritchett said...

That was a fun little office tour. I did enjoy it, thanks!

Kephren Pritchett said...

That was a fun little office tour. I did enjoy it, thanks!