Monday, January 16, 2017


Below are a few ideas.

Things you can make if you are going to DC, marching in your hometown, if you've knit a bunch of hats and sent them off, if you are just watching things unfold on the television or in the newspaper from home, or if you plan to ignore the whole thing.  No matter what you are doing, by the end of next weekend - or even in the middle of the day on Friday - I'm betting a drink will sound pretty perfect.

After a few discussions about our need for something appropriate, my husband and I did a little cocktail research (Also known as -- we walked into town and bought all kinds of pink and red ingredients).  In the spirit of diversity and universal acceptance of women with different cocktail needs, we tried to cover a variety of effort levels, from a straight pour to something you get to mix up.  We also tried to cover a range of booze options, so no matter what your poison, maybe there's something here that's going to go really well with both your mood and your new hot pink hat.

In the spirit of not being gross, we steered away from anything with cherries or bloody mary mix, because well...  I'm calling these pussydrinks and that just felt like it would be in poor taste.

First, the super easy pours:

From left to right, Framboise Lambic, which is deep and dark and sweet and tastes more like a raspberry dessert than a beer.  In the center is a Radler Cranberry/Orange Malt, which is a light, crisp drink with what I'd call a more subtle flavor. (Craig says it's a pinkish Coor's Light and I kind of have to agree.) On the right is Long Trail Ale's Cranberry Gose, which is a sour beer, super tangy and tart.

Next, If you're in the mood for just a little more effort, just can add gin,vodka, tequila, bourbon or rum to this.....

My daughter Maya says the drink should be called a Suffragette Soda.

It's Izzy's Pomegranate soda, with slice/squeeze of citrus (lime, lemon or orange), on ice. Trust me, you add 2oz of almost anything to this stuff and it's delicious. And it can get even better if you also add a dash of lemon or orange bitters.

Next, with a little more effort...

Craig and I experimented with our newly-bought ingredients and made up a few original cocktails (I promise we spared no effort here, and it took us all afternoon. There were winners and losers, but these were all strong (as in "we need to be", which he added and I was proud). They all come in beautiful shades of pink, and they taste pretty great.

It would not have taken so long if we didn't keep drinking them and if we didn't keep adding new things to the different options, as I had to take the photos while ice cubes were solid and glasses were full and froth was perfect. Texts from a knitting friend with some funny suggestions complicated the process (you know who you are) and this all meant more had to be made, and well, you can imagine how that went.

Later in the day, Maya and I did a little historical research (Diana can be proud!).  We wanted to name each of the drinks after current and historical women we find particularly inspiring. We tried to cover a range of activism, because feminism travels down many avenues, and we each express ourselves in different ways and we fight for the particular things that resonate with us.  So it was important to cover different historical periods, perspectives and issues. Maybe we took these drinks and their nomenclature a little too seriously, but I don't think that's possible right now.  And how often do you get to do this kind of thing with your teenage daughter, who's completely into it?

The Mary Woollstonecraft

Mix equal parts POM pomegranate juice and fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice with a dash of angostura bitters in a container. This juice is delicious on its own, so make extra if you want.

Pour 2 oz of vodka in a glass with 2-3 ice cubes, add juice mixture, and stir.
Garnish with a sprig of Rosemary.

You can read more about Mary Woollstonecraft here.  She was a British writer and feminist philosopher in the 1700s.  And you know that being a feminist in the 1700s was not an easy ride.  She fought for both equality and a practical education for women, and challenged society's portrayal of females as helpless, sentimental, and inferior to men. She supported herself with her writing career and briefly ran a school for girls, where they were taught things far more useful than music and manners. She lived a somewhat scandalous life, which we'll spin as also proving herself a pioneer in following her heart as well, in a time when women worried more about society gossip than happiness. Maya gets full credit for Mary. I'd never even heard of her, but she'd read Mary's pamphlet Thoughts on the Education of Daughters in school.  (Yay school!)

The Elizabeth Warren

For this one, mix three parts cranberry juice with 1 part orange juice in a container.  Or as I did, find a small bottle of Cranberry-Tangerine juice in the fresh smoothie/juice section of your Stop and Shop.
Pour 2 oz of bourbon over 2-3 ice cubes in a glass, and add 2 oz of the juice mixture.
Add .5 oz luxardo cherry liquor (or .5 oz of juice from the luxardo jar), and a luxardo cherry.
Add a slice of lemon, giving it a squeeze  before placing in the glass.

I'm betting you already know why Elizabeth Warren is awesome. She's fearless and outspoken and fights her ass off for everybody every day. She's a politician who does not back down in the face of adversity or criticism, and she holds her values high and visible, We love her and we need her and we are grateful to have her, both here in Massachusetts and in the larger world.

The Coretta Scott King  

Place 3-4 fresh raspberries in the bottom of a shaker and muddle them to get the juice out.
Add 2oz of gin and 3-4 ice cubes to shaker,
Add 1 oz of cranberry juice and 1 oz of chambord
Add a dash of sweet vermouth and a dash of angostura bitters.
Shake well and strain into glass.  (you have to shake it a little because of the raspberries)
Serve super cold.

As for Coretta Scott King, most people know that she was the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, but few know she was also an accomplished activist in her own right. She fought tirelessly for civil rights, but also for gay rights, against apartheid, against poverty worldwide, and she helped found NOW (the National Organization of Women) in 1966.  She traveled the world, speaking and fighting for those without a voice and she established the King Center in Atlanta, which houses the biggest archive of Civil Rights documents in the world, and is dedicated to furthering Dr. King's message of equality and peace. She fought to create Martin Luther King Day. She was a delegate at Geneva for disarmament, she was an accomplished auhor and musician and she raised 4 children. She wrote a letter in 1986 condemning Jeff Sessions for his racist legal practices, something that's being quoted in newspapers right now - and I could go on, but the best list of her accomplishments is here:  .  And wow.

The Sylvia Rivera

3 oz Simply strawberry or raspberry lemonade
3 oz Pom pomegranate juice
squeeze of lemon
2 oz tequila
.5 dry curaco (or cointreau)
Combine ingredients in shaker with ice and shake until cold and foamy.
Pour into tall glass over ice.

Silvia Rivera was a drag queen - a bisexual, trans Latina activist who fought for queer and transgender people who were mostly overlooked in the larger gay rights movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. A childhood on the streets of NYC gave her a unique perspective and understanding of the community and the desire to improve the world for others who found themselves in her situation. She was a founder of the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance.  She also worked at the intersection of women's rights, poverty, and race issues, cooperating with feminists, the Young Lords and The Black Panther Party in the early 1970s.


So that's it. Inspiring women who fought for what they believed in. You already have your hats. I'll be thinking of all of you as I march in Boston.

I hear there are over 300 marches planned around the world, and I am proud to know that our knitting community will be well represented and that our little hats will someday be a footnote in the history books. It's amazing and humbling and a little terrifying.

Peace, everybody.
Be safe, be heard, and continue to work towards the change you want to see.


Cecilia said...

First off, these are all awesome ideas! Second, don't forget that Mary Wollstencraft was also Mary Shelley's mother; without her, we never would have had Frankenstein!

dr_momzilla said...

These are awesome. Marching in Boston. Pink hat finished.

AntiquityTravelers said...

this post is pure awesomeness. right on!

Kirsten said...

LOVE this post!! Will definitely be trying some of these.

Valerie said...

They sound pretty good. Most of them sound like they would be too sweet - until you look at the ingredients closely.

Julibeth said...

Thoughtful,inspiring and fun. Thank you Thea.

Meredith MC said...

Love your drink ideas! I have an addition to your list- I'm calling it The Sanger, for Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization that would later become Planned Parenthood, and an outspoken advocate of birth control.
1 shot tequila
1/2 shot Gran Marnier
1/2 shot triple sec
3/4 shot lime juice
1 shot Pom wonderful
Pour into a glass, add 2 shots of club Soda, add ice.
Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely hand knits!

Anonymous said...

What great creations, to honor strong women everywhere.
(I did giggle at leaving out cherries, and not using Bloody Mary mix...)
May the marches go well.

Thea said...

Meredith, I love your addition to the list!!

And Valerie, you can always add a little more lemon or lime juice to any of them to balance things out as you want (modifying a drink is even easier than doing it to a sweater pattern..)

Sue said...

Thea, can you come up with one for Michelle Obama to celebrate her birthday today, the 17th. She's been another strong, independent, supportive, influential (list can go on...) woman for us to admire. Thank you!

Thea said...

She's an incredible inspiration, I agree!!!

Mary Lou said...

These are great. My parents used to have some sort of powdered whiskey sour type mix for a drink called a Pink Pussycat. Forgot all about that until reading this.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I hesitate to point out your typo, and want you to let it stand anyway. Mary Wollstonecraft is infinitely more knitterly as Mary Woollstonecraft!

Thanks for these; we will have to try some of them out!

Thea said...

I will let it stay Michele, but I think it was powerful subliminal knitter self overshadowing my dorky history buff self.

Louise said...

yay, I love it. I've never gotten behind a movement so much as now!

Julie Vandoren said...

Not even sure how I stumbled onto this blog since I was supposed to be researching knit ring pillows, but glad I did. Love these drinks especially the Elizabeth Warren and the simple Suffragette Soda!