Wednesday, March 01, 2017

With the flurry of preparation and activity around my Vodka Collection, things did pile up a little. I'm still going thru the emails and the to do list from before Stitches....

And as I went down that inbox, there were a few messages from friends near and far who are using their needles to fight disease and injustice and generally help make the world a little easier for others. As always, I am impressed with the generosity of both time and spirit in our community, and the designs in these collections really are stunning - from folks like Joji, and Ysolda, and Bristol Ivy and Kirsten Kapur.  Click on the links and you'll see.

First was Sight Is Life, a collection of 7 beautiful accessory patterns, including 4 shawls, 2 hats, an adorable pair of socks and a mystery project. The proceeds from this collection go to a doctor who's been working to bring healthcare to people in the Congo.  Proceeds help the eye center there, and your pattern purchase will restore and improve sight for people in one of the poorest regions of the world. The knits are beautiful and the project was curated and coordinated by Kristina Vilimaite (animaknits on Ravelry)

Then, there was Heart on My Sleeve, a sweater collection curated by Tin Can Knits -- half of which (Emily)  I met last year at EYF and she's just as lovely in person as through the internet.  The collection features 8 yoked sweater designs, sized from child to adult - again, by some of your favorite designers. This one is fun, since each designer brings her own personality to the sweater - and they are all a bit different, featuring colorwork to texture to lace around the yoke. It's also unique, as so many of the patterns can be knit for your entire family.  The collection was put together to help the fight against Malaria, and so far they've managed to raise a few thousand dollars!

Back to my inbox now, and I can check these off my list of things I wanted to share with you guys. Check them out!


Suze said...

The only reason I haven't bought Sight is Life yet is because I'm not much of a shawl knitter. I should get it anyway, though.
And I love the concept behind the Heart on My Sleeve collection! Every sweater starts out the same way, with a different yoke pattern by each designer, so you don't even have to decide which one you're doing until you attach the sleeves. I'm making the one by Tanis for my little niece.