Friday, April 07, 2017

Hey guys, I've just started a new KAL over in my Ravelry group this week.  It's from 4/3 - 5/12, as there will be prizes, special discounts, a few drinks, a bit of conversation and lots of support and encouragement from your fellow knitters while you knit any BabyCocktails project want!

My KALs are low pressure - no hard start or finish dates, and all I require is that you participate on the group chat and share your WIP photos. Prizes are announced and awarded periodically, and all projects that are linked to the pattern page with images on the thread are eligible to win.

I've just announced the first two prizes, to be awarded this weekend -- on 4/9.

The first is a skein of Ellen Mason's Doc Mason's Wool, which is sourced from her family farm! Ellen is a good friend of mine and does everything with intention and love and care and this gorgeous farm yarn is no exception.  Along with the yarn, the winner can also pick one of my hat patterns to go with the skein - and I've included some lovely notecards and one of my favorite bottle opener keychains.

The second prize was donated by Vemo, one of the lovely BabyCocktails knitters, and a lovely person who I've come to know over the years.  She is moving to a new condo and needed to destash a few of the extra skeins she'd bought for various BC projects in the past, so she's donated a couple lovelies. This one is a gorgeous deep green from Victoria over at Eden Cottage Yarns - in her lovely Oakworth DK.  I've added a notebook and one more keychain to this skein as well, and the winner can also pick a pattern to go with the skein,

And starting today, a special discount! Through 4/14.

For those of you who like a little hat knitting, the code WH-AprilKAL will get you $1 off my Whiskey Highball pattern right here, and the lovely folks at The Yarn Collective have mirrored that discount with 15% off the Bloomsbury DK I used to make this.  The Bloomsbury DK comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, and the link to purchase is right here. 

Next up, more YOTH yarn is in transit, and I have a discount on both that gorgeous Father yarn and The Vodka Collection patterns when it arrives!

So I hope you'll join in - the link to the KAL is right here....


Verna Hopkins said...

I love that yarn. I also knit and find it really relaxing. I only know how to make scarves though. That hat looks great. I would love to make a hat like that, I would wear it all the time! That yarn looks like it is very quality. All the yarn that I have got rolls up in itself and it's really annoying.

Verna Hopkins @ Promosaurus Promotional Products