Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fog Cutter --  this one is a striking, but simple summer sweater that's just perfect for a cool day at the beach.  And it was just a bit foggy the day we decided to visit, so this design got named for an all time classic/traditional Tiki drink -- A Fog Cutter!

And I know I'm asking a lot for you guys to think about knitting in June, so the Ravelry code SummerSweater will get you $1 off the pattern until this Friday, perhaps as the little nudge that a summer knit might require? 

Or maybe photos are a better nudge --

Either way, Fog Cutter is all about this beautiful and striking panel on the front. Cables, lace, and texture combine in a motif that reminds me of little waves and tiny stones, kind of undulating back and forth.  The addition of the texture in those cables creates such a great contrast, and the edging as it hits the body is nice and sharp. (and yes, it's easier than you think it would be!)

Besides the cable panel, details such as a split hem, a ribbed yoke and distinct seams draw the eye, and then the rest of the garment is all easy reverse stockinette.  Although seamed, the lines are straight and the finishing is simple.

The sweater is knit in O-Wool's beautiful Balance yarn, a mix of organic cotton and merino that's got the perfect amount of ply and crispness for a polished but casual vibe, and it shows a pattern beautifully.  I chose the Natural as I wanted a true basic piece, but I think this would work in any of her colors - and some of them even have a little heather, which would be stunning.  (Agate, Igneous, and Jade - I'm looking at you guys....)

Gabriella is wearing my sweater with about 5" of ease and a high hip length, but this is easy to modify for depth or width and notes are included in the pattern.  I suggest about 4-5" positive ease for a fit as shown.  All the details and the PDF can be found here (don't forget your SummerSweater code this week!).

And as for a Fog Cutter?  According to tiki bars everywhere and the internet, it's really all about the glassware and accessories, so have a little fun.

1.5 oz light rum
.5 oz brandy
.5 oz gin
1 oz orange juice
3 tbs lemon juice
1.5 tsps of orgeat
1 tsp sweet sherry (amontillado works great)

Shake all ingredients except the sherry with ice in a shaker.  Strain over ice into a tall glass and then top with the sherry!  And then add your choice of umbrella, stirrer, slice of fruit, feathers or whatever's handy...

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Introducing Honey Vodka!

You all know how much I love Jill Draper's Mohonk yarn, which I used in my Edradour design.  It's light and airy and rustic and soft and I really do reach for it ALL WINTER LONG.

So when Jill texted me to say she was working on a fingering weight version of Mohonk, and would I want to play with a couple of skeins....?   Why, yes I would.  I totally jumped on the chance to design a summer accessory that I'd reach for just as much.  Something open and airy that would add just a little warmth to a summer night or cloudy day....

I like my summer knitting to be pretty easygoing, so I went with a cowl (as opposed to a shawl) for a little less knitting, a lighter garment, and more importantly - some immediate gratification.  Honey Vodka takes just one skein of Mohonk Light, and knits up in no time.

I chose a simple, bold lace motif with stockinette "ribs" that would show off the subtle texture and color shifts in the yarn.  It's one of those patterns that gets in your head easily and it makes for some soothing, satisfying porch knitting.  It's easy to modify for length or width, and I've added notes on how to do so in the pattern.

I've also made sure that if you want to alter your cowl, you don't have to worry about ending on a specific row.  Before finishing up, you switch to a smaller section of accent lace and ribbing, and can knit to your desired length as needed.  I used only one skein for my cowl, but I do think this would be a lovely 2-skein project and could wrap double around your neck or be worn nice and long.

I chose this beautiful neutral shade, which Jill called Sand.  It matches pretty much everything in my summer wardrobe of tee shirts and faded denim and feels just so effortlessly summery to me.

However, you know Jill dyed up a whole rainbow of gorgeous shades that you can choose from - check them out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/jilldrapermakesstuff?ref=l2-shopheader-name

The pattern is up on Ravelry for $6.00 right HERE and will be on the blog as well!

I hope you guys like this one and can spend a few leisurely hours knitting away on your porch soon.