Thursday, August 24, 2017

You guys remember I promised I'd release a few patterns over the course of the year to benefit charities I believe in?  Here's #3.

$2 of each purchase of Mamie Taylor will go to the Malala Fund through Sept 6.

I dropped my own girl off at school this week, and my mind has been on the importance of giving young women every chance we can. For girls across the world, education isn't a given, and the benefits of self-worth and confidence that come with it are also kept from them.  I love everything Malala has done and said to help girls across the globe, and I am inspired by her bravery and drive.  In the hopes that we can add something to her efforts to bring opportunity and education to girls everywhere, I decided this would be the next charity.  

So far, Dami and I wrote a great check to Women of Tomorrow with Rob Roy in order to help at risk teen girls in Miami, Philadephis and Detroit get to college.  And with London Fog, I was able to give a few hundred dollars to Cradles to Crayons, a local organization I volunteer at each Wednesday that provides needy kids across MA with clothing, school supplies and other items they need to thrive and wouldn't otherwise have.  

Mamie Taylor is an intricately cabled hat that's WAY easier than it looks, knit in lovely Gilliatt wool from De Rerum Natura. The diamond motif is completely addictive, and has gorgeous high and lows that show up perfectly in a yarn with just a little something to it. I used this gorgeous heathered wool but a tweed, another heather, or a semi solid would also work beautifully.

The cables are both charted and written, and it's my firm belief that a hat is the perfect place to play with something a little more detailed - you only have to pay attention for a short while, it won't add bulk anywhere you don't like, and there's minimal shaping.

In fact, I'm always just a little sad when I finish something like this, so I decided to work a second one, in De Rerum's great, classic gray for more of a traditional look and feel.  I left the pom off the second one for some extra contrast between the two.

More details are on the Ravelry page, and the hat is also available on the patterns section of the blog here.

And the recipe is below. Mamie herself was an actress and opera singer in the early 20th century - I was leaning towards a drink named for a great female educator, but wouldn't you guess there wasn't one?  So, this time I just liked the name.  Maybe next time I'll make up a drink for the theme I have in mind....

Mamie Taylor
Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, and one slice of lemon or lime.
Over the ice and lemon, pour 2 oz gin or scotch whiskey.
Pour ginger ale to top.  Stir and serve.