Thursday, September 14, 2017

Introducing THREE new patterns for Fall!  These feature my favorite things - texture, cables, and dramatic color.  They are squishy and satisfying and I do hope you guys like them.

The first one, Nor'easter has been a long time in the making.  If you're reading this blog, then you are probably already familiar with my Dark and Stormy -- right?  Well, that is a favorite of mine, but I've always wanted to go back and give it another spin. I love the deep shawl collar and slouchy fit of that cardigan, but it was the dark gray and the bold cables that made it special to me, and I knew I could add those to a whole different type of slouchy cardigan.  (and then my girl could radiate some attitude while wearing it, yes? She wasn't actually angry, this was her Blue Steel.)

The way I see it, the Grandpa sweater is timeless and classic, but there are different proportions and details to play with.  Nor'easter still features a sophisticated, beautifully deep gray in some bold, eye-catching cables on back, but otherwise it's a totally different kind of cardigan from the original.

I've added length and a subtle A-line fit to the cardigan, so there's a little extra room down below, and this one works with a long shirt or a pair of jeans that require a little length at back. (ahem)  I worked a saddle shoulder for a more tailored fit and I've added a split shawl collar for something different. Afterthought pockets (so much of an afterthought that I hadn't put them on when Maya posed for me... photos of the pockets are on Ravelry) were added because POCKETS.

And lastly, I just love the way the cable melts into the body of the sweater. I may have my favorites among the changes, but overall this cardigan is the perfect slouchier, longer thing I wanted to wear this year. Yes,  I do have a cocktail recipe for you,  but it will follow in a few days.

And when thinking about my wardrobe this Fall, it wasn't only a new sweater.

Negroni was the second thing I wanted to wear - a big, cozy cowl with eye catching texture and rich color that could be left long or wrapped double around my neck.  This one features a bobble motif that looks almost crocheted. (which I also love because maybe people will think I know how to crochet as well..)  I paired the texture with some single ribs and a big statement cable.  The knitting is easy and the needles are BIG, so Negroni is a super quick, satisfying project. And I'm in love with this color for Fall. Plus I love Negronis.  Win win.

But really, you have to try Glazed Pecan, in madelinetosh Vintage. It's a deep cinnamon shade that's deep and rich and really pops in the texture.  This color for Fall is just so beautiful.

And lastly is Mojito, a simple hat design with a couple of cool things going on.  It's a classic cabled beanie designed to feature one almost-hidden detail. The accent stripe weaves in and out of the cable feet between the ribbing and body of the hat!  It was a fun little detail to work, and it matches the pompom, because I'm always powerless not to match colors when facing a wall of handdyed yarn. The greenish blue of Madelinetosh's Translation pairs nicely with the pale blue of Memory for this one. I also think Nassau Blue or Baltic may do the trick for the deep green....  There are so many colors to choose from, and I'm guessing most of you have a skein or a leftover you'd want to pair with something fun and new?

The idea here was to just pair two sizes of complimentary cable twists to show off the round, squishy yarn and then work in an accent color to really show off the highlights in the handdyed shades. The accent stripe kind of evolved as I worked it, and then I also played a little with the staggered ribbing below the cables, using the stripe at the transition. It's quite easy - perfect TV knitting.  And once done, you can reverse the colors and make a second hat!

More details, photographs, and the PDFs for all 3 patterns can be found on my Ravelry page, and on the blog pages here.

WEBS has all these colors, including Composition Book Grey, in stock and will order more should they run out -- And they always discount Vintage so if your order is at least $60, you get 20% off, and if  you order is at least $120, you get 25% off!

And now I can feel like I've properly entered the Fall season....


Meredith MC said...

I'm so in love with my Dark and Stormy, I might have to knit a nor'easter to keep it company. I love the saddle shoulder and back cable on that one. Also, last year I knit a Brighton, which was magnificent and perfect, then I gave it away! So Negroni is looking pretty good as well. Thanks for the inspiration.