Tuesday, October 10, 2017

You know when you have a cheap, crappy sweater that you love but maybe you're a little sheepish about the fact that you love it?  Because we're knitters.  We should know better, right?

Well, that's what happened here.

I had a Forever 21 tunic that I'd bought at a thrift shop, and it was intended to be my house sweater.  Loose, plain, sleeveless and dark gray - there was nothing special about it, but I figured it would do the job and when I had to leave the house, it was way better than my dancing frogs tee shirt or Craig's big gray sweatshirt that I have a habit of stealing.

The thing is, I was not prepared to love the thing.  It was the perfect shape, hid everything that needed to be hid, and just begged for some plaid tails to peek out (I wear lots of plaid tail shirts).  It was loose and effortless and it actually did look pretty good with almost everything, so I started wearing it out.

And once that happened, I had to knit a better one.

Fast forward to last year's NH Sheep and Wool festival, during which it rained cats and dogs. I had on my yellow raincoat and the Forever 21 under it because it was the right weight, and sleeveless and warm but not too much.  And  then there was a conversation in the Green Mountain Spinnery booth and a handful of Alpaca Elegance  went home with me.

Cranberry Gose! 

I used the dimensions of the original, adding detail and real wool and some thought in the shaping.  I wanted to play with a little gansey patterning, which shows up beautifully in the subtle heather of the yarn here, but I really did keep a lot of the stockinette.  That makes for easy knitting and easy mods for both width and length.

The gansey detail is added in staggered columns for a subtle dip at center, and then shoulders are shaped with short rows, which makes a beautiful V in the diamonds along the seams.  You only have a few rows of pattern, but it's fun to play with them a little, right?

I added a split hem, a lot of stockinette, and a funnel neck (pattern has notes for turtle, funnel, cowl or crew options!)  As the test knitters add their photos, you'll be able to see a few of these...

All the details, plus the test knit photos will be up on the Ravelry page.  

The pattern is $7.00 for the PDF, but until Rhinebeck, the Ravelry code Cranberry will get you $1 off! 

Cranberry Gose isn't a cocktail, but a kind of beer.  Gose is a style of sour beer, popular right now and it comes in all kinds of flavors - including Cranberry. It's one of those things you are not sure you like, but then you take a few more sips and you're hooked!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

This is so up my alley. It'd be my everyday throw on piece for 3/4 of the year. I really need to quit that working thing and just KNIT.

Anonymous said...

Love this...the perfect "something" to throw over shirts and jeans!

Skippedstitcher said...

I am having trouble understanding the short rows for the shoulder shaping..won't the short rows be on top of each other making a slit?