Wednesday, November 29, 2017

These After Midnight Mitts are more pattern in my colorways with WEBS and Manos del Uruguay.  It's been fun to think about what kind of pattern showcases each yarn the best with these, and I am pretty happy with my choice for Smoky.

The lines of this motif highlight the deep grays so beautifully, and they make for a wonderfully squishy fabric, which is kind of perfect and satisfying on your hands on a cold morning...

I also like how the lines of the pattern allow me to play at the ribbings

And around the thumb.

The mitts are a super quick knit - and the pattern itself is extremely simple, just knits and purls!  I've included notes on how to modify these for both length or width. 

A few test knits, and all the rest of the info is on the Ravelry page, where the PDF is available for $6.50.  It's also on the "hands" section of the blog here.

And an After Midnight IS a cocktail --

1 oz bourbon
.5 oz amaretto
.5 oz creme de cacao

Shake those 3 ingredients with ice and strain into a short glass with 1 oz of cream in it.  Stir.


Anonymous said...

I love these mittens and would love to knit them. I just don't understand the pricetag. You say that it costs $ 6.50 on ravelry, but it says $ 8.13. Is ti because you give some kind og discount or what? i will gladly pay $ 8.13, I just wondered about the difference :-)

best wishes
Gunvor Madsen

Thea said...

That sounds like a glitch! They are $6.50 US Dollars. Could it be a conversion?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is that custom thing that is put on all downloadable goods, it just came to me, that perhaps it is already added when you see the pattern on ravelry. Mystery solved :-)