Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Just reknit in a pale gray - and re-released with my new layout, cleaner commentary, and updated measurements!  From now until Friday night, the code More Mango will get you $2 off the pattern!  And if you already purchased this on Ravelry and hadn't gotten around to making one, the new version will come from Ravelry and can be added your library.

I loved this sweater on Maya.  The yarn, the texture, and the simple cable.  And I'd always wanted one of my own. But mine would be big and slouchy and the palest of grays.

But you know, it's a time thing...  And a yarn thing, because I'm now in the habit of only buying what I'm going to design with, and why design a different bulky sweater because I really wanted THIS one?  No changes - same texture, same details.  Hence, the wait.  If it isn't a new design, it doesn't often get on the needles. That's one of the hard things about designing for a living, as opposed to doing it just for fun.  The fun knits get pushed down the pipeline.

But not always, apparently! Sometimes you can justify them. 

I had this conversation about old patterns I was updating and the few of them that I wanted to make again with the lovely Ella over at  LoveKnitting, and we got to talking about my dream bulky sweater.  And about a week later two beautiful 478-yard skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool showed up in my mailbox in the perfect pale-as-a-whisper heathered gray (#8017, if you are wondering), so I figured it was time.   

The Ecological Wool was exactly what I had in mind - it's light and lofty to wear and has the exact heather I wanted, plus it's this pale, pale natural gray that almost looks cream in some light.  I still love the bright orange version,  knit in WEBS Valley Yarn Berkshire Bulky, but that was Maya's dream sweater - big and bright and bold.  My fantasy sweater is a little earthy, natural and lighter feeling.

Unfortunately, it also fits my daughter Zoe - who is almost exactly my size.....

So, if you're so inclined, the pattern is all ready and waiting on Ravelry.  And there's that discount if you don't already own it -  plus both WEBS and LoveKnitting have both yarns in stock!

The Berkshire Bulky at WEBS is here

The Cascade Ecological Wool at Love Knitting is here