Monday, December 11, 2017

The weather was just too beautiful this weekend NOT to give Craig his first Hanukkah present a few days early - and go for a hike in it - and make him model the thing.  That's the problem with getting handknits around here, you don't just get the present, you have to do a little work for it as well.

This is Laphroaig, the exact scarf he'd been hinting at.

But he was happy to play in the snow, and I think he does like his new scarf.  See?  Seriously, this is my favorite photo ever right now. This is how everyone should look when we give them something we've knit.  That's some wooly joy right there.

He doesn't ask for much in the hand knit department, but when he does I find I'm a little powerless to say no.  He's always been incredibly supportive of this crazy job I've chosen, and even when the strange or social elements of it have him raise an eyebrow --- you HAVE to go to Scotland with your friends?? - he's never once questioned me or not pitched in to make something happen. 

So yes, when he said he wanted a classic scarf that he could wear to work or to play on the weekend, and it should be exactly this size and it should be soft and warm and just a little rustic as well, I ignored all the other deadlines and cast on.

4 skeins of SHELTER later, this really took no time and was a totally enjoyable break from the cables I also have on the needles!

Of course I wrote it up.  And it's on Ravelry here.  Since it was such a quick knit, and a relatively easy pattern to write as well, I've priced it at only $5 for the PDF.

And I may have made Craig another gift as well, but there's 8 days of Hanukkah.  I'll post that one later this week...


janna said...

It's a great scarf, but that first picture is even better -- such a happy, happy guy!

Caroline aka FiberTribe said...

Gorgeous scarf and hat and the Dude is pretty handsome, too! Happy Hannukah, lovelies!