Thursday, December 14, 2017

I have a hard time stopping when I get a hat design in my sights, so in addition to Laphroaig, these two ended up on my needles as well.

And if you are like me, you may have a hard time choosing only ONE to knit, so the Ravelry Code GIFTHATS will take $3.00 off the total if you purchase both!

Glenfidditch was Craig's second gift.  He wanted a hat to cover his ears, in addition to that scarf.  And I had this gorgeous skein of Wisconsin Woolen Spun wool in stash just staring at me.  And it looks so good with the Artifact in Laphroaig, right? 

Glenfidditch features  twisted cables placed in larger open cables, a simple diagonal detail at the brim and a pretty cool crown decrease.  And it's just beautiful in a heathered yarn like the Woolen Spun.  Since that's available in limited quantities, I also suggest Green Mountain Spinnery's Weekend Wool, knit up here in a few colors by my friends Larissa and Kate, and then they were modeled by the  
Men Of The Spinnery.   (calendar idea anyone?)

My other last minute hat, Oban is a simple knit, and it flew off the needles in one day!  Garter stitch, classic 2/2 cables and a gorgeous yarn make a deep, cozy hat with a classic vibe.  It has an extra deep brim to fold back, although it can be modified as a regular beanie quite easily.  

The yarn for Oban is fantastic stuff by Bare Naked Wools - Confection Worsted, a Corriedale fiber available in beautiful neutral shades. This one is Nougat, and it shows off the cable and texture beautifully.   

And I used my extra from Glenfidditch for the pompom! 

Both hats are for sale on Ravelry and the patterns section of the blog for $6.50 individually or $5.00 each if you get both and use the code!