Saturday, January 13, 2018

Although this one is new to many of you, it's actually not a brand new design to me.  I designed the Blackthorn Cowl for the Neighborhood Fiber Company Inner Loop Club in 2016!  It was mid summer when the club was over, so the cowl waited until Fall 2017 - but then a whole bunch of things happened this Fall that made us wait until now.  Phew!  It's pretty perfect for right now though.

And right now, Neighborhood Fiber has a wonderful yarn that works perfectly as a substitute for the Skyline Aran - their Studio Chunky.  It really shows off Karida's gorgeous saturated colors and it's lovely and squishy and perfect for a chunky, bold cowl like this. 

Serious texture, simple lace, a few eyelets, and a fantastically satisfying yarn.  I promise.

And because it's taken me such a while to get this out, even though a few of you were asking, the code BLACKTHORN will get you $2.00 off the $6.00 price until end of day on 1/16/2018. 


Saturday, January 06, 2018

You all know how I feel about 2017, but it made it just a little easier to know that I could use my voice and my needles to try to help make a difference in some small way.  As promised last January, I decided that every 3 months or so, I would release a pattern where a portion of the proceeds would support an organization I think does important work to protect and support things I feel are at risk right now.

Thanks to you,

$350  went to Women of Tomorrow out of sales of Rob Roy.  (and Dami of Magpie Fibers was able to give even more from her yarn sales of Domestic Worsted!)  Women of Tomorrow helps teenage girls from the inner cities get to college with mentoring, scholarships, and guidance.

$450 went to the Malala Fund out of Mamie Taylor sales. The Malala Fund is dedicated to bringing education to girls around the world, especially in countries where they are already at a disadvantage.

$150 went to Cradles to Crayons from London Fog. Cradles to Crayons gives needy and homeless kids across Massachusetts clothing, school supplies, and other tools they need to thrive.

And , just this week, because you bought over 200 copies of Rusty Nail, I wrote a check for $300 to Emily's List!  That last one will help get women in office across the country this year.

$1250 may not seem like it can make a giant difference right now, but every little bit helps - and as knitters we know that smaller actions here and there add up..

I know it's hard to keep it up and feel like we can move the dial here, but for me at least, I think it's been important to choose a few things that I think make a difference, and do those. I can't fix it all, but this way I feel like I'm still fighting for the things I want to see in the world.

If  I can be so bold as to post a little advice here, please just keep on doing whatever it is you are doing, and don't get disenchanted.  Spread the word about the changes and actions you think are important, and encourage your friends and family to do the same! It's a long haul, but we need to keep on it.