Friday, February 02, 2018

So yep, January went by without a single new pattern release.  Which is actually OK by me. I have decided that 2018 is going to be the year when I kind of take charge again and knit what I want, when I want - out of the yarns I want to be working in.  I have two more deadlines to meet, and I've been busily working towards them in the background without making myself crazy to release a new pattern or two in the foreground at the same time.  I'm giving you guys time to catch up too, right?

My plan is to maybe release a little less, but to be sure each piece is something I love, that I really think you'll love and that I can be really proud of  this year.  No more cranking something out by X date just for some exposure or the chance to work on a particular project, or squeezing  just one more thing into a time frame and then making the yarn do something that works because I don't have more time to keep thinking about it!  But - we'll see how that goes....  (tuition still looms, right?)

I also want to be proud of all the things that I have out there from the past, so I'm continuing to update the patterns from my early days that are a little behind the times in terms of style and amount of detail I used to include.  My plan is to get all the popular designs up to speed. 

Irish Coffee's the latest.  I re-released that about 2 days ago.  It's always been one of my favorite patterns, but it just needed a little rehab in terms of format and better charts and more schematic information, among other things. It has all of that now! And there's a code for 50% off the pattern through 2/4/2018 if you didn't originally purchase this one through Ravelry in the past...

Also released today is another not-exactly-new but still one of my favorite designs from the past. 

My Pike Stout Poncho from By Hand Serial is now mine to sell as an individual pattern!  I did love this project, and had always wanted a poncho that wouldn't overwhelm me - the shape and proportions were something I was really happy with - and I find myself wearing this one around a lot this winter.

 I promise I AM working on a few new things - some you'll see around Mid February - but for now, I hope you enjoy these two and are also having a good, relaxing beginning to your 2018. 

With so much happening in the world around us, I for one, am glad for some soothing, rewarding knitting in the months to come....  Starting with an Oban hat-inspired sweater!!!