Friday, March 09, 2018

Genever is a fun little colorwork hat that just makes me happy. 

It was designed to celebrate my feature as the March Designer of the Month over at Stephen and Penelope, the charming yarn shop in Amsterdam owned by Malia Mather and Stephen West.  If you are in the area, do stop by and although I'm not actually there (snif), a few of my sample knits are!

And if you decide to buy your yarn to make this FROM Stephen and Penelope, they have a special Ravelry code they'll give you for $2 off the pattern. That works either online or in person, and it won't expire, ever.  Because.. Genever - there should be some reward for purchasing your yarn for this in the country that made the predecessor to today's gin, shouldn't there be?  We OWE them, don't we?  Because gin.  

The hat itself is a combination of travel memories for me.  I first found out about Genever when traveling to Amsterdam myself a few years ago - the time I met both Malia and Stephen, and sat in on a knit night at the shop, which was the first one in their new location. I also went to the Bols museum to learn all about Genever (highly recommend) and spent a little time sampling as I wandered the city.... 

Plus, the Genever design itself came out of my travels to Shetland last summer, where I spent time with Malia and got to know Andrea Rangel, who dreamed up this lovely little motif and added it to her amazing stitch dictionary, Alterknits

Combining Andrea's motif with Malia's shop in a stranded colorwork hat just seems right.   And like I said, it makes me happy.  I can't wait to see the colorwork combos you come up with!!