Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Introducing Long Island Iced Tea, a Grandpa Vest I didn't even plan to make, but now that I own it, I am in love with this - and can't believe I lasted so long without a cardigan vest!  What was I thinking?

As you might guess, this yarn was intended to be a long sleeved sweater. I was working on it and for some reason, I just stalled before adding the sleeves.  I knew it was the next step, and I fully planned on knitting them, but instead, I kept wearing the unfinished vest around the house -  over a flannel, over a tee, over a casual dress -- it just worked with everything. 

Gabriella also gave it a whirl, with a simpler shirt - and since she's taller than my sister and me, she wears it with a little less length.  Still looks good.

Who am I to argue, right?  It wanted to be a vest and it's pretty perfect this way. A little slouch, some cozy pockets, a lot of simple ribbed knitting and - another bonus - it was done in no time.

The texture of the ribbing allows the beautiful shades in the hand dyed yarn to really shine, and the oversized fit really lets the drape in the MCN add to the slouchy feel of the piece.  This is one of those times that the yarn + pattern combo is fantastic! 

Melissa Thompson of Sweet Fiber yarns does some incredible shades - and they are all available for pre-order on her website:   Mine is knit in the tea leaves colorway - a gorgeous mix of greens with hints of brown and pale blue thrown in - hence the pattern name!  ;)

All the details, plus a few test knits are up on Ravelry and the pattern is for sale both here on the blog and there for $7.00.


And a Long Island Iced Tea is a classic cocktail -- a  mix of 4 spirits in one powerful drink!  I'm not entirely sure who came up with this or why, and if they actually thought it tasted like iced tea, but it's a fun thing to try (and please do so in moderation...)

Add the below ingredients into a highball glass full of ice and stir gently.

Equal parts vodka, rum, gin, tequila (1 oz ea)
2 oz lemon juice/1 oz simple syrup or a packet sour mix
2-4 oz of cola

Garnish with a lemon twist or wheel.


Mo said...

Just have to say I had to buy that shirt at Old Navy yesterday because of you! :D