Thursday, May 24, 2018

Remember the Oban hat?  I released this before the holidays, along with Glenfidditch. Both of these were fun, satisfying knits that got a lot of wear over the winter, but there was something special about this Oban combination of yarn and cable, and I really, really wanted to continue knitting with it.

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So, knowing I needed to continue with this idea, I contacted Anne Hanson over at Bare Naked Wools and got myself a bit more of her beautiful Confection Worsted, a gorgeous, round yarn made of 100% Corriedale Wool. Soon, I was playing with these cables again, and it was exactly what I wanted!

Before long, The Oban Sweater was finished.  I've been wearing it all winter while writing and test knitting and it may be my favorite sweater ever.

Simple shaping and restrained details really allow the cables to shine.  It's a drop sleeve pullover, with honeycomb cables and ribs as accent.  The honeycomb accented the cables beautifully and the ribs allow for easy modifications to width, plus they make seaming a breeze.

A bold hem balances the delicate neckline out nicely.

And voila.  It's a fun knit and a great wardrobe staple. I've worn mine so much that it has a small coffee spill on it and many of you who've seen me over the winter already know it well.

But don't take my word for it. There are a ton of test knits! (Give them a day or so to get their projects posted)  You can see a variety of yarn substitutes and sizes on the pattern page, and one tester made a beautifully fitted version.  The knits and all the details are on Ravelry, and the pattern can be bought either there or on the Sweater page of the blog here for $7.00.

And if you are so inclined, enjoy a glass of Oban while you're knitting!  Once you've memorized the cables, a drink shouldn't be a problem at all.....


Patricia said...

Can I say most humbly and sarcastically that I hate you? Your designs are always on the mark, beautiful, well designed, stunning heirloom worthy, another pattern in my wish list. Small problem, I now live in Texas and we are starting to go into a heatwave..

Thea said...

Ha! Well, it's knit in pieces, so that's less wool on your lap? :)

Thea said...

But thank you! Your words are most appreicated and lovely.

Even the sarcastic ones. If you knew me, we'd be friends.

Unknown said...

Hello. I have just bought your beautiful Oban sweater pattern, but as an English Knitter, I am a little confused by the sizing. I have a 38" bust, so do I follow the 39.5" instructions, or do I add the 6" for ease and follow the 44" instructions, please? (English patterns usually just give your actual bust size to follow and the ease is built in)

Thea said...

Hi Unknown,

Sorry I can't find you in person from your comment but maybe you'll pop back in here?

The sizes given are the actual finished sizes of the sweater, so pick the size that includes the amount of ease you'd like. If you are a 38" bust, you probably want the size closer to 44" for the slouchy fit as shown.

I've found that many knitters like to adjust their fit, so this way if they would prefer 4" or ease or a snugger silhouette at 2" of ease, they can choose the size that suits their wardrobe!

Joy said...

Thank you so much for your reply Thea. That helps a lot. Joy (as in that's my name).

Joy said...

And much joy to you too for your lovely pattern.