Tuesday, September 04, 2018

So, let's begin the Fall with something quick and satisfying before I begin rolling out the sweaters! I always love squishy, deep cabled hats with cozy folded brims, but I never wanted to design one that would have made you purchase two skeins.

Then.... along came Susan B Anderson and her Barrett Wool Home, which is just what I'd been waiting for!  The generous yardage in Barrett Wool's skeins is enough to do EXACTLY what I've been wanting to do, and it's such gorgeous, round, satisfying yarn that I was be completely hooked.

Wild Dandelion is just what I had in mind.  Round, fat cables in alternating columns are placed around the hat.  These are squishy and dense and gorgeous, with a dense cable cross separating each round section.  I placed them in alternating rows, so the round section of one cable sits in the curve of the other, adding to the allover cabled feel of the hat.  They aren't difficult at all to work, and of course I found them a little bit addictive...

Crown shaping is designed to add to the squishiness of the hat - each cable is ended in a twist, and then the purls remaining are aggressively shaped away as you hit the center.

 All the details are on Ravelry, and Wild Dandelion is available THERE for $6.50  or in the Head section of the blog here.  Barrett Wool can be found HERE, and Susan will be putting together some charming kits in just a few days...

As for a drink, there really IS a Wild Dandelion! I was given a sweet cocktail guide called Forager's Cocktails as a gift a little while back, and this just seemed kind of perfect for this hat.

.25 oz ginger syrup (or Domaine de Canton)
.2 oz reposado tequila
1 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
2 dandelion greens

Muddle greens and ginger liquor/syrup in shaker first.  Then add ice, tequila, and orange juice.  Shake for about 20-30 seconds and pour into a short glass with more ice cubes. Garnish with orange wheel and one more long dandelion green.