Tuesday, October 16, 2018

So, last year I found myself in the Sawkill Yarn booth, smelling all her fantastic soaps and I couldn't help but grab a couple skeins of her gorgeous dark gray yarn. . It's a mix of a number of fleeces, and it's the stuff rustic yarn dreams are made of.

This year, it's my sweater,  Widow's Kiss (I'm going with a spooky Halloween name this year!)

Since it's heathery and sheepy and rustic, it needed some bold cables.


These cables don't get lost in yarn.  And they are much easier than they look - with hidden 2x2 rib in there on more than a few rows.

I kept things pretty simple with this design, allowing the texture to be the focus.  Sleeves are stockinette and the rib detail is subtle.  A purled section under each arm allows you to modify easily if desired. 

And the neckline just organically comes out of the cable panel.

The fit is loose and short, but easy to alter.  Test knits will start popping up in the next few days and you can see! 

In the meantime, I'll be packing this to wear Saturday at Rhinebeck and hoping for cool weather!  Sunday I've got my Fernet Branca - and both days I'll have a flask.

If you are looking to say hello, I will be signing my Field Guide in the author area on Saturday between 11-11:30am - or just find me on the fairgrounds...

If you're wondering why a Widow's Kiss is, I figured the deep color and drama of this, coupled with pre - Halloween timing means we can have a spooky drink name. 

Widow's Kiss 

1 oz apple brandy or calvados
.5 oz benedictine
.25 oz dry vermouth
.25 yellow chartreuse
1 dash of peychauds bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with 1-2 dark cherries on a toothpick.
I found it was a little sweet, so added a shot of lemon juice as well!  Enjoy!! :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

I wanted to do a little something fun as we head into Rhinebeck this year and I'm looking back at ALL the knits I'd designed for this in the past, noticing that a few of them have a theme.

There's a lot of Jill Draper in there. For me, her yarn and her business really do epitomize the idea of New York Farm yarn. She's sourcing, spinning, and dyeing right there in the valley, and she makes such an effort to support ALL the farms in the area.

And as of this year, she's been doing it for 10 years!

Time to celebrate a little.

So from now until Oct 31, the Ravelry code JDMS10 will get you 20% off any of my previously self published Jill Draper designs. 

If you won't be at the fair, she has a fantastic new website chock full of yarn right now, plus some great stockists out in the world, including Tolt Yarn and Wool, A Verb For Keeping Warm, and Brooklyn General Store.  If you will be at the Fair, I'll see  you at the Open House!

And since you may buy yarn at the fair and THEN wonder what to do with it, the code is good till Oct 31.  She'll restock once more after she gets back.

And then I'll be working on my NEXT design in JDMS....