Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Or maybe you don't but you visited, you actually visited!!

Now I see how you get folks to visit your blog. Insert questions that need to be answered - aha.
Maybe I should resort to contests too. hmm.

So nice to know I wasn't talking to myself all this time, and thank you all for your comments both through the knittyboard and through the comments here. It's quite fun to open Yahoo and see all the blog related emails!

No new photos to post today, had many children here tonight and was babysitting 'em all. Really helped that my 6 year old turns out to have a fever the same night and was generally a big whiny pest. The guest children however, were great.

Ah well. Friends of ours did us a BIG favor last year (helped build a large deck on the back of our house) so we got 'em a gift certificate for dinner at a great restaurant and offered to take their kids when they went. Makes for a fun night- we all watched ET, which is a fabulous kid movie for 1st/2nd graders if you haven't tried it - but not much in the way of knitting or photo taking.

But stay tuned, one more bag will enter the felter tonight or tomorrow AM and it may be my personal favorite.

Also, the FO gallery will post soon, need to take photos of a few preblog items I did this spring that could be blogworthy - I always love looking at other people's FOs, so I'm assuming there may be great interest in mine .... getting a big head with all the recent commentary.

And, you may have noticed the drought around here, but my babycocktail partner has returned! So more drink recipes will also follow - have a pint of mango sorbet just begging for a blender and some rum.....


Bethany said...

Hmmm..something with rum and sorbet... Got the rum, will buy sorbet.

The bags you've made are lovely. I have yet to try felting.

Katie said...

Nice work on the felted bags! I just made a buttonhole bag for my daughter's day care teacher (who's leaving, sigh). A mango drink sounds good right about now...

Erica said...

Erica from bikinielf here. That's actually a great idea about the wire! I'm sure I could work one in somehow. I would love to put up some of my bikini designs, but decided to wait till I'm ready to sell. (I don't want a bunch of people asking me for the patterns-a real irritation if you're trying to sell the ITEM, IMO)