Monday, September 26, 2005

Just have to assemble my version of the Rowan Cork cabled cardigan - did a different collar than they called for - and will have two finished sweaters in one week. Almost too much to ask for. Stay tuned, am expecting something photo worthy (or at least photo finished) in the next day or so. Still not sure how well the black will show up, but hey.

Am all ready to begin the Vogue Knitting purple cropped cabled number, but think I'll take a short sweater break before jumping in the fray again. Have beeee you ti ful purple Aurora 8 for that one - will post a teaser shot soon. It's kinda bright - right up my alley.

Have DB Cashmerino Chunky and wanted to do a leaves like lace number with it. Had a great pattern from a past Vogue but think theres a mistake in it and can't get it right. Must be THEM, not ME right??

Just a chunky scarf, something quick and gratifying. Anyone know a great easy lace pattern that would work well on say 30ish sts across of chunky yarn? Crochet or knit..

Thanks all for the commentary on Saranac - both Knitty and Bloggy folk had much to say - and I'm surprised I even had any visitors after my long absence!

Looks like the Knitsmiths yarn swap will be Oct 30 here at mi casa - maybe pumpkin beers and mulled wine will be the most appropriate given the pre-halloween date. We'll see.


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