Thursday, October 06, 2005

For my old friend Sarah, who I worked with for years --- now she's moved on to be a wildly successful ad exec in NY, first baby on the way. Nothing too big, it's an apartment. Perfect excuse to knit.

He's a boy - so he'll need his very own snake. And a sweater.

Am using the remainder of my DB Cotton Denim Aran and some great stuff I had from a friend that is way soft and chunky and the prettiest muted green and blue - as to what it is? No clue. Have dragon buttons too, will see if they work. Might scare the snake, so who knows.

No cocktail, it's not even lunch yet...


Colleen said...


Question: what's a gin cocktail that's NOT a G&T or a Martini. We were trying to think of one tonight, but we were stuck.