Friday, January 13, 2006

Not a lot of knitting over here these days.

Am throwing a big party for a friend this weekend and the shopping/baking/planning has been eating into my knitting time. Also, have contractors in and out of the house all day renovating a bathroom. Something about the noise and activity that makes sitting down and knitting just not so, well, relaxing. Socializing instead as we make tons of plans to remain out of the house and out of their hair.

I imagine all will be back to normal in another week or so.

In the meantime, felted a hat for a friend using navy Philosopher's Wool and a lighter blue Peace Fleece. Both felted beautifully. Dark blue body, lighter blue brim, lavendar edge. Of course, I gave it away before taking a digital (oops) - it was kind of cool. My first felted hat!

And am making sluggish progress on Grace in Aurora 8. Two sleeves down, am on the left side going up.

In my staying out of the house travels, did manage to pick up some Mountain Colors in an amazing blues and periwinkle colorway. And am proud to say, I stayed away from the big winter sale at Wild and Wooly. Am being good about this stash reduction plan.

More yarn to unload soon - and the person who claimed my burgundy Philosopher's Wools and Wool Boucle and Grey Woo from a couple entries back (go see!) flaked and never wrote back so if anyone out there wants to propose a swap.... stuff still up for grabs. Have a few skeins of Allagash as well, left from the blue chunky cardigan - 3? 4? Also offering it out to the world.


Dani said...

Hope the party went well!