Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Remember that show?

Also had a flashback the other day when I saw a dude (yes, a dude) at the mall with a comb in his back pocket. Haven't seen that in ages --- yep, there was a time when I wouldn't have even thought of leaving the house without mine. I had a big red one with a handle at one end, comb at the other. Always put it in the right hand pocket. Thought I was pretty cool. I mentioned the sighting to my husband, wh0 very matter of factly informed me that HE sported a VENT BRUSH in his pocket. What??? A vent brush? Keep in mind, he was a BOY, not Farrah Fawcett. I'm vaguely embarrassed for him, but need to remind myself he grew up in the Valley (San Fernando that is) In LA they tend to take their fashion statements pretty seriously. Apparently.

Anyways, onto the knitting.

Inspired by Johanna's (jofrog) adorable little dinos, and in possession of a ton of this Cherry Tree Hill Pot Luck Superbulky in deep lizard like greens, I'm making the prehistoric trio for my nephew's birthday this month. He's 3. My thought is that I'll use other solid colors - I have orange, red and yellow- for the spikes and fan on Trice, the fins on Mr Stegs, and make some colored elephant like toes on Bronty, but that all three dinos will be out of the same stuff. I just began Mr Stegs here - and about an hour later, I'm pretty far down the tail. These little dudes will fly.

Also have gotten going on hub's socks, but am afraid that they seem v-e-r-y wide and know hubby is a picky one. Stuff could "itch" his feet. He tried 'em on yesterday and said the heel seems a little loose. Am taking a little break before I become too committed. They could become a hat before long. I love the yarn and he's alreaady mentioned how sad it is to hide the colors on his feet. (Am i just ignoring the signs here?)

Anyways, am currently ignoring wails from Zoe, who has been wronged by her sister....

but wanted to also add how great it was to meet a bunch of you from Team Boston this weekend and see all the great stuff you made. My little socks were WAY too easy, and you've all inspired me to shoot higher next year - intarsia? A whole sweater? We'll see. Thanks again to Cara and Wendy for all their efforts - I keep lurking around all your blogs looking for the photos to appear!


Jofrog said...

Oooh, fun dinos! Yeah. I just was asked by one of Mike's friends to make her one too... that's three more for me. Good thing they are so fast and take so little yarn!

Danielle said...

Yeah, my camera never came out of my bag, so I'm waiting to see what pix others remembered to take :) Nice to meet you, and to admire your purple sweater too!