Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sorry, not knitting much. Have dead ends on my hands.

Craig's socks turned out to be a no go. Found that out halfway into #1, so not so bad. Fit off, 2 skeins not enough. And, yep, too scratchy for his tender tootsies.

Then I decided to do something nice and knitterly anways for him. I ruined the original sweater I made him by trying to shorten it and creating some horrendous cropped size. (how nice and knitterly, huh?) The bare midriff is best without hair on your belly button.

Then I began an "I'm sorry" sweater - Cal from Rowan Cork, only to realize that the man looks kind of bad in black, and that I didn't have enough for a man's sweater, and that my gauge was all off. Done. Way Done. Apparently I shouldn't knit for my husband right now.

So, up on the KnittyBoard, 8 skeins of Cork.

I'm thinking spring. I'm thinking something for me. Something I can't really screw up.

The Hourglass Sweater out of my Jo Sharp Dk Tweed, which I love and cannot find a good patttern for. I think the simple sweater will show off the texture and color pretty well. I got Serpentine - navy blue with flecks of pink and turquoise and gray. Will be good with jeans.

Off to make a drink and begin a swatch....


colleen said...

Yeah, that's not a good look. Cropped sweaters for men seem so George Michael.

Anna said...

Ahhh..I had one of those bad knitting weeks a while ago. Blamed it on the cursed Cork. I'm holding onto that damned

Missed you at Knitsmiths! there's a possibility of a RI yarn crawl in the near future. :)

Anonymous said...

i might be making the hourglass sweater for myself sometime soon so you may have a knitalong partner.


Thea said...

looking forward to the company :-)!

So far I've already altered the hem bottom (by accident, but I like what I did and think it might just save a little yarn... will show you at KS)