Thursday, April 20, 2006

And it's really hard to think about doing this:

When outside it looks like this

So instead we went to the playground, planted flowers, rode bikes, played with chalk, and did our hair on the front stoop.

Just to get some knitting related activity in, I finally put the buttons on my Manos Cardigan - while the chalk and hair styling games were going on.

I've only been wearing it without for how many months?? Told you I can't manage to get jived about sewing...

And thanks for the well wishes, my sis is home - still dizzy, a little woozy, but on the mend. Must come up with a new summery project, maybe then I will want to pick it up!


Dorothy said...

I love your cardigan and the buttons! What pattern is the cardigan? I'm a Manos lover and I'd love to get started on a replica of your beautiful work! Thanks!
ps: I don't have a web page.