Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Or just knitting up a storm inside due to the storms outside. Anyways, a finished object always calls for pics and some public admiration, so check out the above.

Maya took the photo of me - finally we gave up on anything actually flattering - I think I have 4 chins in this one... Either way, I think this will be the perfect scarf for my London buddy, Becky. She gets it next week!

And now for some Magic Loop.
I realized too late that the Magic isn't that the needles make you a pair of socks..
damn them.

For $12, what did I expect? But undaunted, I'm going to find myself an online tutorial and figure these babies out. An old Interweave with some cool Cable Rib Socks, some great sockyarn (from Colleen of Subwayknitter - it's a beautiful pink and peach and brown colorway from Dorchester Farms that she gave me a while back) and my first pair of Addis. How can I go wrong?

But Colleen, since the Gloucester turned up at the swap, I have a batch of something blue for you - otherwise the knitterly karma will remain out of balance... I'll drop stitches or something!

I have promised some socks to my Grandma, so will be bringing the project on my trip - and I think Magic Loop is going to be way easier to keep together in a bag/on the plane than the ol DPNs. Any advice from you guys on where to look?

Edited an hour later to say: I figured out the Magic - no advice necessary. One good page with pics online and an episode of Angel was all it took. Pretty easy once you figure out the logic. Stay tuned and we'll see if some socks develop.


colleen said...

Glad that you're enjoying the yarn!

Personally, I like DPNs, but on a plane they might be inconvenient (i.e. dropping one between the seats). Magic loop or 2 circs would be the way to go.

Does the TSA allow circs with such long cables (as you need for magic loop)?

shireen said...

i'm on a mission to learn magic loop myself in the next couple of weeks. so let me know your progress and any not so obvious Dos and Don'ts.

Anna said...

I'm glad to see you've joined the magic loop movement! Sarah Hauschka (author of that little Magic Loop book) walked into the Needham store when I was working there & taught me herself! I've been hooked ever since! Planning on being at KS on Sunday!! Also, MA sheep & wool next weekend??