Monday, May 15, 2006

Turn around and there's another one!

Really, the combo of nasty weather and sick kiddo makes for some quality knitting time. I tried to nap when she did, but the siren song of the fishies could be heard above all else. So I gave in.

And then I still had time on my hands. Knitting time. So here's the big ol Noro scarf I'm making as a gift for the woman who I'm about to visit in London next week. (Yay, I'm off for a long weekend across the Pond - without any kiddos, sick or healthy!)

It's a Rebecca pattern from an old magazine I have - called Lace Scarf (imaginative folks, those German knitters who name Rebecca patterns). In reality, it's very similar to the stitch in Green Gable. The Noro looks kind of cool and wavy in the lace pattern, but when I block it, I'm curious what'll happen. I'm going with a purple, rust, green, brown colorway - don't know if any shots taken in today's light would do it justice, but it's kinda cool. She has a brown coat and light light blond hair - I think it'll look groovy on her.

And now I must leave the cozy cocoon of the blog. I am soooooo tired of being here with my kids. You know I'm avoiding the rest of the house if I can post twice in two days.

And this rain.... how do people live in Seattle? It's only been a little more than a week and already I'm going nuts. I liked my kids soooo much more last week. In fact I liked everything sooooo much more last week.

This week, I only like my wine and my yarn and my computer.


Reese said...

that scarf looks great! i love the way the colours mesh around. how many skeins does it take?

shireen said...

It doesn't actually rain this much in seattle. :)

Beautiful hats!

aija said...

Great hats!!

Areli said...

Such cute hats!

Rain said...

I love the fish hats, they're so cute.

Katt said...

I love the fish hats!!! Where did you get the pattern from?


Gaile said...

OH I LOVE THE FISH TOQUES! Please say there is a pattern for sale somewhere!

livnletlrn said...

Thanks for posting the fishy hats on Ravelry. You might get a kick out of seeing what I made, thanks to the inspiration you provided: