Friday, June 30, 2006

And one finished sock! More to come.
Grandma loved hers, I have a photo of her modeling them, but not handy.

So here's the yarns. First batch. My Mom is moving, so she passed on most her stash to me. Unfortunately, I'm not that into these kinds of stuff. In return, I'd love vareigated sock yarns. I'm a fan of natural fibers. But make me an offer, who knows?

Koigu Kersti in a camo like colorway - deep greens, grays.

GGH Mohair in sage green and a light pumpkiny orange (the pic makes it look darker). Trendsetter Dune in golds and reds and oranges.
2 sk of a funky Trendsetter novelty yarn with light gold and cream "paper" fabric squares on a cream or light gold thread.
And in the back, another yarn also with the little "paper" fabric squares on a black thread. The squares in that one match the sage and pumpkin of the mohair. Can take another photo if necessary.

Alaskan worsted weight 2 ply in deep blue, a teal green and cream. My camera added a lot of gray to the colors, they aren't so "dusty".
A pattern for fun fur felted purses and a pattern to make a small sheep toy with yarns.

2 skeins of black fun fur.
Ladder yarn black with greens and blues.
Another ladder yarn in gray with lighter blues and silver and gray.
A cotton with teals and grays and lots more colors. Got washed out in the pic.

Pixel metallic yarn.
Artyarns fluffy yarn in mustard and blue.

Like I said, just not my stuff. But good stuff if you like novelty yarns!

I'm also a fan of cash, and that won't increase the stash, so make me an offer . I'm thinking roughly $5 a skein, and shipping. Most of em are worth around $10-15 ea.
Any specific questions, just email me. It's all non smoking, no pets.

There's also Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in mid shade gray and in light dusty blue.
Maybe 3-4 full skeins of each, bands on.

Anyone? Bueller?


Suzanne said...

Oh sure, NOW I leave a comment. I adore Dune. How many do you have of the gold/orange/red? $5 per skein is a great price, if you're sure. We can exchange at Knitsmiths next time we're both there.