Monday, August 28, 2006

So here's my only FO lately - I've got a bunch of things going, but this one was begun last and finished first, so Ta Da! I got the jones to work on something new and ignore all the old newsy stuff.

I love the yarn. I'ts Noro Lily - a cotton silk blend (not so sensible for a baby but hey) that I had in the stash and it was awesome to work with.

The pattern was supposed to be the daisy cardigan from The Garter Belt
but I had a completely different gauge, a way smaller baby, and apparently NO talent for embroidery, so I used the basic recipe and the edging and went from there. I think it turned out sweet - mostly due to the colors and yarn, not any actual talent on the part of the creator. Next up on the baby list, cabled baby hat.

And on bloggy talent news, last night we went out to say goodbye to one of our fellow KNITSMITHSand they taught me a new trick. Seems I'm the only one in the world who wasn't aware that the universal sign for "add link here" is a green circle with a little doo hicky at the top. It's right on my tool bar! Provided by blogger all the while, under my unsuspecting nose. But honestly, would it have been too much trouble to come up with a more direct icon? What's that thing supposed to be anyways? (I'll bring that up next KS and I bet we'll get an answer.....)

But bad imagery aside, woo hoo! Watch this: Colleen, Shireen, Johanna, Norah, and Suzanne (sorry Gayle, no blog, no link) Yep, I'm a linking fool now.... so watch out.

And any of you New Yorkers who run into Shireen at your local LYS, be extra nice to her down there, she's going to be very missed up here.


colleen said...

I love that sweater!

Jofrog said...

Look at you go! I told you it was easy! That sweater is super sweet, be sure to include care instructions. You wouldn't want it to be ruined in the wash, it's way too cute for that!

Norah said...

Check out all those links (and the extremely cute sweater)--way to go!

Suzanne said...

Darling sweater, oh link mistress!

Stariel said...

Look at your pretty sweater!

You asked about the socks on my blog - the pattern is from the Socks That Rock club, and so is the yarn. :)

shireen said...

see what happens when you link? you get more comments! :)

mf said...

Looks great Love the edging!

Anonymous said...

I would call myself the blogless wonder but I believe that title has already been taken. Besides which I don't think I am witty enough to create a blog. Thanks for the mention anyway.
Great Yarn - Great Sweater (only it's not my size).