Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Am having huge blogger problems - for some reason I've been allowed in (a fluke, I'm sure) without crashing the Netscape browser.

I won't even attempt to post a photo and am typing fast before the Blogger Demons figure out I'm here and boot me out again.

Check out my Finished Object page for Sweaters with Zippers and New Socks!!

Many thanks to Johanna (I won't attempt to link today) for the zipper assistance.

Craig has tried his fabulous new sweater on and loves it
(although he declined to pose for a photo) - maybe no reknitting this time?

Now to publish - am crossing my fingers...


Anonymous said...

can you even comment??

Liz said...

yeah, blogger has been pretty wacko lately. Glad you like the sweater and the socks, your sweaters are really gorgeous!

Barbara Hill said...

Loved your website. Your knitting is beautiful. I look forward to seeing some of your finished works the next time I see you.