Monday, January 22, 2007

Stripey Leftover Sweater
Originally uploaded by theacolman.
Did I show you this yet? Found all my single skeins and realized they matched pretty well. Maya claimed big interest in the project - all the way through to the end, when she cried Itch. She later recanted when I folded it up and said I'd wait to put the zipper in when it fit Zoe. She even put it on once and proudly claimed the Malabrigo around the neck was soft and fluffy. But that didn't last.

So it sits, unloved, in her drawer. Perhaps her little sister will love it in a few years.

In the meantime, it does look pretty all spread out on the table - and I managed to some serious stash reduction in the process. And the drycleaning lady only charged me $8 to put the zipper in - way worth the shame of bringing it over and admitting my lack of any talent with a sewing machine (or needle, for that matter)

I'm not sure what happened over there, she charged $15 for the last two zippers I gave her - maybe she sees more coming and has defaulted to the bulk discount? )

Anyways, The idea came from Alterknits, which has a gorgeous stripey raglan sweater in it. A very cool book, which I didn't actually buy, but flipped through in my LYS. Am trying very hard to curb the spending, so expect more random stash related ideas in the future.....


Colleen said...

I wish that stripey leftover sweater fit me. Me likey!