Friday, February 23, 2007

and grows and grows.
I should have thought about it when I read the pattern. Adding sleeves as you go makes the thing completely unwieldy. Add huge ass long needles, and I'm pretty much housebound if I'm working on it. But it's soft and seems to be going OK. I didn't make the sleeves as long as the pattern suggested, having heard a few rumblings and done my own math. 90 stitches would have given me 21 inch arms. I'm more of a 17-18 inch girl myself,
so we'll see what happens with 75 stitches.

Since Arwen isn't leaving the house, I've picked up some handspun I had gotten back from the Knitting Olympics wrap party. I made one hat already and am going for another. The first was blues and greens and pinks. I don't know if you can see the colors here, but this yarn looks exactly like sherbert. Makes me think of champagne punch with sherbert floating on top.

Besides Arwen and my sherbert project, I've had a lot of time around the house this week. School vacation and all, so, I've been checking the Knittyboard and sending packages out. I managed to get rid of a few things that needed new homes and am getting new stuff back.
Mail's apparently pretty quick this week, so I already have cool new stuff to share.

First, yarn and pattern to match - just as God and Jo Sharp had intended. The light gray is a color I'd never have bought in the yarn shop, but I like it and think it will make a cool vest for summer. Fun when a swap yields something different. I didn't really pay attention to what color was coming, but figured it would be fine. It's almost pearly gray or light blue.

It's going to be this vest. Has anyone seen one of these knit up?
I've been looking, but so far I might be the first.

And second, this amazing book. I've only flipped through a couple times, since it's been in the house for all of about an hour, but it's great. And brand new, so it even has that fabulous new book feel to it!

I did some intarsia this year - fishy hats, flowered sweater, knitty hats - all of which you can see in Finished Objects! I liked it, but my little graph paper drawings were proving to be quite limiting. The stuff in here, not so limiting. It's awesome, completely inspiring. I can't wait to get back into the stash and use up some of my stray skeins with this stuff. Remember all that Debbie Bliss Cotton? I still have lots of colors to play with.

Lastly, Zoe in her coordinates.

Getting small, but she has been in it all week. In her hand is a purse shaped like a dog.
So, sorry about the dog's ass shot.
It's full of polly pockets and according to Zo, matches everything.

Seems she and Maya are on the knitted bandwagon these few days,
digging up their homemade garments for wear. I love it...
(Note however, that the stripey sweater is still in the drawer. It's killing me!!!)


Jofrog said...

Ooh, I love that vest. It will be boob-a-licious!

janna said...

Zoe is adorable in her hand-knits! And I'm watching your progress on Arwen -- it's the next big project in the queue. I have long arms, so that part makes me happy.

gabriella said...

oooh jo sharp!! you're going to love it, man. i am already circling around another one of her projects - they are simple and flattering, and that vest looks awesome! and yes, please please bring that vogue color book if you come today! i was contemplating getting it to teach myself via swatches...would be great to see it in the flesh (or tree fiber?)! ~gabriella

ps: a dog-shaped purse? there's a first. :)

Gayle said...

I agree that Zoe is absolutely adorable as are her hand-knits.
I also love the "sherbert" yarn - I am so in to anything that has orange - it's the middle of winter and I need bright colors.