Saturday, February 17, 2007

I had a $30 credit at the LYS. So I went and talked myself into buying Jo Sharp Ultra for $50 more. Still not so bad, right? It's almost 50% off. I bought 10 skeins in a really beautiful deep purple. It was soft and fluffy and solid colored, something I need more of in the stash. (Like a wardrobe, right, the stash should cover all your bases....) I took the stuff home and realized that although I loved it, I had managed to acquire another batch of yarn for which I had no project.

So I figured I'd do the responsible thing. I picked a project.

I took my Winter IK with A Cardigan for Arwen and went back to exchange the yarn. Cascade, I'm thinking. Next thing I know, I've got 14 skeins of this gorgeous new stuff called Sublime, in a deep pinky-red color. it really is lovely. Part cashmere, part merino and doesn't pill. Kind of like Karabella's Aurora 8 - which I'd buy again in a heartbeat if only someone around here carried it again --- where did that stuff go????

Problem is I've now spent $120. $30 credit = $90 out of pocket. Like I said, bad math.

But even if I did a bad, bad thing, I also did a few good things yesterday. Actually 3.

First, here's my happy sister.

Amazing how a finished sweater got her out here in less than 24 hours - snow, slush, ice and lack of a parking space all taken into consideration. She even hung out to babysit Zoe while I did my good deed #2.

Second, I had volunteered to teach knitting at Maya's school. Yesterday was the big First Lesson. Here I am all packed to go.

No photos there, since I don't think other parents would appreciate pics of their kids out on the web. There were 7 of them . Snacks were important. I found I'm pretty patient with other people's kids. Good to know. It gave me a new appreciation for mine, even. A hard thing to teach 7 year olds. The whole holding the needles piece was the toughest. I ended up casting on for most of them, and concentrated on the knit stitch. We did get a couple of rows down, but for the most part they weren't exactly diligently knitting away.

3 of them already had taken a lesson or two, and dubbed themselves "The Professionals". They did pretty well. Knitting away, chatting (is THIS how it begins???) and then coming over for specific mistakes.

One of them had no idea what she was doing, but insisted she did and wouldn't take direction. She just kept coming back to ask me to fix her crazy loops and knots, before rejoining her "Professional" buddies. She was a riot. She insisted that the needle went in the front to knit, not the back. She'll grow up into a yarn store customer who comes in for way too much help, drives the staff nuts and never tries to figure it out herself..

Another two were very interested in learning and did make some headway, which was great. It's so rewarding when a kid puts their head down and works to figure something out! Ice skating, bike riding, tennis, whatever. Amazing to watch them actually LEARN something. And the last one, who also really wanted to learn, had to leave after 20 minutes for a doc appt
(which isn't even long enough to figure out how to hold the needles, poor thing!)

A friend of mine who teaches kids often told me the first lesson is always chaos with the kids, so I will try again. We'll see how they do. At the least, they definitely had fun. I also had two kids who wanted very much to come who couldn't make it, so I should give them a chance too.

Another Mom helped me out teaching. She's a big fan of novelty yarns, so my last good deed of the day was a little self-helping too. I gave her two bags out of my stash (from my Mom's big heave ho) that I have not been able to trade or swap, but couldn't part with since they were nice yarns, too nice for the art class! One bag of various novelty yarns, one of mohairs.
A little thank you, a little stash cleaning.

Anyways, another snowy day. The beginning of school vacation.
I've casted on for my $90 Arwen, so let's start getting my money's worth out of her.......


Luise in Cambridge said...

Check out "Karabella Aurora 8" on Google. There's a lot, esp. one spot that has it on sale for $4.99. Have fun.

Hinklebell said...

I have a question. I found a post of yours from October, 2005 where you knit something from Vogue Knitting Winter 2003/2004. Do you still have the copy. I'm looking for a copy of a pattern for Kristin Nicholas ' "Our Family Pullover" it is a Pumpkin colored funky looking cable sweater. Is it possible to get a copy from you? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a copy!

Thea said...

hinklebell, I can't email you back.... you can email me at theacolman@yahoo if you want.

Gayle said...

Sorry you got busted for spending the extra money on yarn but I'm sure it will be worthwile - besides, if he read the whole entry I think that it all balances out pretty well. Good luck teaching and hope that your enjoy vacation week!