Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Well, you guys hear about the babies all the time
(not exactly babies anymore)
but lately, I've lagged way behind on the cocktails.


This photo was taken during my computer induced absence. Think back when it was unseasonably warm out here. Champagne, Apricot Nectar, Rum and Lime juice. They were pretty tasty - and it was about 65 degrees, so something fizzy and fruity seemed perfect.

Truth is, there's always plenty of booze round these parts, but now that it's cold -
and trust me, it's COLD these days - all I really have the urge to pour is a bottle of red,
and that's just not exciting enough to blog about.

I don't usually mix red wine with stuff in winter. (There's the occasional mulled wine, but we haven't made any this year - and I don't know if that really qualifies as a cocktail. The whole cooking step makes it seem like a new category) I looked in my Mr Boston and found an interesting cold weather wine recipe - have you heard of Hot Buttered Wine? It contains muscatel, actual butter and maple syrup. I didn't make any, so maybe it's great and I'll never know. I'm thinking it probably isn't though.

There is one thing I've been mixing up. I have a new French Press coffee maker and a fabulous milk frother. You just can't improve on a latte with Kaluha or Baileys! We've had a few of those.

Soon, I need to try a Hot Chocolate and schnapps with the fluffy milk too.

That pretty much brings you up to date with what we've been drinking up here in Boston.
Wine and coffee drinks.

But, here are some DisneyWorld vacation photos with more fun cocktails.
Because I have them, and I feel like sharing.

Did you know there is no booze in the ENTIRE Magic Kingdom?
Not so magic.

But they've got it at the restaurants in Downtown Disney.
(Looks like my kids are the ones hitting the bottle in this shot..)

And out by the pool.
(what a husband!)

As you may have guessed, I have no new knitting pics.
I started a scarf and decided the yarn was so ugly, I tossed the 8 completed inches plus the remaining yarn in my friend's trash can. I was really that bad.

Planters Punch on the lanai. See the tiny castle in the background??