Friday, March 02, 2007

It's slushy and cold and rainy today, AND I'm childless until 2pm so lots will be getting done around here today. First off to the gym, supermarket and liquor store - but that should still leave 3 hours of quality knitting time before I have the kids around again.

So Arwen... I put down the left side of Arwen and began the right as written. I'm almost to the shoulder, and the actual pattern looks like it will work out fine. I kept the sleeves a little short (only 10 sts less than Kate intended) but kept the same # of short rows and sleeve rows and the math is going to be fine. Turns out I had overthought the thing. No pics, it looks pretty much like it did in the last post, just bigger!

Am hoping to finish the right side this afternoon and then I'll only have the left to redo before seaming and blocking. My goal is Arwen by the Swap. We'll see how that goes. I'm pretty obsessed at the moment - I don't even have a secondary project traveling around with me!

It's actually a little freeing, only knitting when I'm home at the dining room table. I'm finding I have all kinds of time and other things to do... I picked up a book I was into and I even read a few magazines while waiting for Maya to finish her skating lesson. One of them was a cooking magazine, so I'm inspired today.

I used to cook all the time, recipes from our subscriptions to Saveur, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking and my library of cookbooks - which is even bigger than my collection of knitting mags. I'm a sucker for heavy stainless steel pots and my Le Creusets. Something so right about them. And they look so pretty on my stove with a blue flame below.

Seems this knitting thing has eaten into my other hobbies a bit yes? You guys never even hear me talk about the kitchen. But, dinner is going to be a roast chicken recipe with honey and cumin, from the NYT Jewish Cookbook - which is an awesome cookbook containing lots of recipes not really Jewish at all. I bought it originally as a gift for someone else, and had to buy another since I was not able to part with it! Highly recommend to anyone interested - With it, a onion and pepper couscous with dried apricots. And maybe even cookies for dessert if the girls are willing to pitch in.

I figure the smell of a chicken in the oven will perfectly cozy on a day like today - especially after I go to the liquor store for more red wine... The cable guy came yesterday and we even have free HBO and Starz - does life get ANY better than this????


Jofrog said...

I've been cooking so much since Kaya was born. I say "cooking is my knitting"... I'm not sure what that makes my knitting.

So, what time should I show up for dinner?

gabriella said...

hope your day at home was grand - i love those uninterrupted days so very much. (much as i love my loved ones, having time off from everything but your knitting and possibly some crap tv is essential. i think j.s. mill said so many words.) we missed you sunday! but happy we'll see you next week for the swappy swap - i'll bring the knitscene for you - you can keep it as i'm not planning to make anything else out of it. ~gabriella